Sennheiser X 320 Xbox Gaming Headset - Testing the X 320

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X 320 Testing:

Testing a gaming headset is pretty simple - and a lot of fun.  I made sure I scheduled a lot of "bench" time to test this headset out and played a whole lot of Gears of War Horde & TDM online with a few of my friends.  I did play some Halo: Reach, Need For Speed and other games as well to test out the whole scope of the gaming experience.  Unlike the Psyko Audio Xbox headset I got to play around with at VulcLAN 2012, this headset is just a stereo headset, but in turn it offers a wider range of function than just gaming.  I took time to listen to some Zune through the Xbox as well as Hulu, Netflix and more.  All in all, I gave this headset a good "work"over.



As I've said before, testing a headset is pretty easy but writing about it is a little bit tougher.  It's hard to explain the fit, feel and sound of any audio product - especially headsets as there are a lot of different heads for this product to fit on.  Also, because of the size of the speakers, it's pretty hard to test them with a reference microphone so most of my testing will be my experiences with the headset and what I liked and didn't like about the unit.

Before we start, I really need to explain that I'm NOT a good console gamer - especially when it comes to FPS games online.  I can hold my own in a map of rookies, but I'm not way a solid FPS player online.  I enjoy these games and love them on my PC, but I have no skill when it comes to the console.  I do like the sense of community and the relaxed approach to console gaming and that is why I've started playing my Xbox more.  I've played with a few pretty nice headsets over the years - including the 5.1 Psyko kit so I've got a bit of experience (in my mind at least) to compare this unit too.


In the past, most of my headsets for Xbox gaming have been of the closed design - with the exception of the Psyko kit that could be either open or closed.  While closed headsets block out external sounds, they do make it hard to hear the environment right around you.  The X 320's design allows you to be able to listen to the game and those sitting next to you on the couch that are side-seat-playing.

The X 320 headset gives you the ability to hear generally where sound is coming from and when you're trying to survive against the locust Horde, the bass boost can cause chills to run down your spine when the berserker roars and comes charging at you.  The Boomshot is especially impressive - and scary when you hear the Boomer bellows "boom" just before you die.

The quality of the in-game audio coming out of these when connected to the console that I keep in my office is excellent.  The X 320 delivers amazing audio quality in your favorite game in terms of crispness, clarity and bass.  It makes playing a game like Mass Effect 3 a lot more fun when the banshee's shriek before attacking.  (~chills~)

The X 320 probably won't make you that much of a better gamer, but they do provide excellent - I'll say it again - excellent quality audio in game.  I've played with other headsets that offer greater surround sound precision and others that cost less, but the overall price/quality on this headset is wonderful.  During "testing" here at the office and when writing reviews, hunting for news, editing and listening to movies and music, I've worn this headset for hours on end and I've never found it to be the least bit uncomfortable.  These clearly are a great fitting and comfortable kit.  Even though the PC 360 is pretty light, these are lighter and I often forget I'm wearing them.


Music and Movies:

According to the specifications, the frequency response range of this headset is from 15Hz to 23,000Hz which should make it ideal for pretty much any audio that you play on your Xbox and pump through it.  Music is very good on this headset.  All of your audio can be played back uncomfortably loud and I never actually used an SPL meter as audio output is dependent upon direct connection to your Xbox or the display that you hook it too.  If you turn up the audio on your TV, plug the headphone jack in, it will be much louder than a direct in-line connection so this wasn't fair to test.

How do they translate to end user experience?  These are very good for your favorite music genre.  They are crisp and very clean for an Xbox headset and offer a lot of bass - with the boost turned on.  They seem to be pretty accurate on the music I listened to and when the boost is off - they seem to be pretty well balanced.  Vocal tracks and power ballads from the 80's are stellar, and tracks from bands like FM Static and Treble Charger are nice and crisp.  Bass heavy tracks will shake your brain if you turn up the boost.  Really, there is something for everyone.


Microphone Quality:

Because of the format of this headset, it's not as directly PC compatible as something like the SteelSeries 5XB which are more of a traditional headset with a short cord and the adapter that fits onto your stock controller.  Because of this, we don't have a one-to-one audio sample to share with you, but according to other gamers that I talked to, I sounded very clear. 


Other gamers confirmed that I sounded way better than other people using stock or cheaper headsets.  I can't prove it to you unless you add me on Xbox live - BCCZeus.