Android App Pick - Flipboard

Application: Flipboard

Good Day!  Android App pick is here, so pull up a piece of technology and read up to find out what makes our App Pick so great this week.  As we get closer to a full year of picking apps for your Android devices, I present #44 - Flipboard.  This was a suggested app to try out and crosses something like TweetDeck with a great News Reader - and it's better than both!  It is more like a social network and news organizer that keeps all of your social streams in one place!  You can read posts, search for posts and stories and even post to your own networks.  Instead of flipping the bird, Flipboard!



Flipboard is interesting to use and is quite simple.  There are just a few things here and there to get used to and become familiar with - sort of like a new job...  Well maybe less complicated than that; if you're flipping up what I'm flipping down. You can create an account for Flipboard if you want.  I didn't though instead I just synced my Twitter, Facebook; even Google+ and YouTube accounts to Flipboard. 



I can also add other things like tech, news, sports and more to keep up with what's going on and have them in an organized fashion all in one place.  Your most recent stories from people or groups you follow will show up on the "cover stories" home screen.  Flipboard shows you posts in a beautiful and even elegant way as it shows pictures and videos from the links and this gives you an idea of what that post could be about!

It’s about flipping time!



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If you have any app suggestions you want me to try out just post them in the forum and your choice just might make the app pick of the week!! Enjoy downloading!