Android App Pick - Spin(Wheel) To Riches

Application: Spin(Wheel) to Riches

Ladies and gentlemen of the android world, BCCHardware gives you WHEEL OF FORTUNE!!  This week's pick is actually a knock-off of Wheel of Fortune and it's called Spin to Riches.  This is a clone that actually rates better than the original App!  Your host Tiggs, has got details to your winnings and your letters and some clues.  It’s like wheel of fortune in your pocket on the go!  There are no fees to getting on the show or even having to stand through while you game.  This app lets you comfortably play in your own home, on the road or sitting on a beach pretending you’ve won that trip to Cuba.

Spin To Riches  Spin To Riches 

Spin to Riches is just a simple download and it's free.  Just like the game Wheel of Fortune you see on TV, Spin to Riches has roughly the same layout.  You choose whether to play single or multiplayer then pick your name(s) for the game.  Once that’s done you will then be given a hint word to help figure out what its asking for, by spinning the wheel for big money (score actually) you can then pick a consonant to reveal more of the word - or at least try to.

Spin To Riches  Spin To Riches 

If you choose not to spin you can buy a vowel for $500. Each time you guess a right letter you get that amount of money and get to keep on going until you guess wrong then it’s the other person’s turn.  Just don’t land on the "loose a turn" or "taxes"! That is no fun!!  The money you earn per round goes toward the bonus round.  The more you earn in regular play, the bigger the bonus round is!  After 3 rounds you get to play in the bonus round for bigger prize!

Spin it to win it for some big money!!


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