Thermaltake Water 2.0 Extreme LCS - Final Thoughts

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Final Thoughts:

Hot on the heels of our Water 2.0 Pro and Water 2.0 Performer reviews, I got a chance to take a look at the Water 2.0 Extreme.  Once again, the overall kit impresses me in terms of installation, ease of use and overall noise from this kit.  What impresses me even more is the massive radiator and extra cooling performance this brings to the kit.  I'm liquid cooled PCs quite a bit over the years - and even put together a few custom kits, but they always featured a single-fan radiator - not the dual fan of this kit.  The extra performance it brings is worth the extra size - if you have a case that will hold it.

The performance is definitely a setp above the Pro version, and is worth the extra money.  No question about it.


In our testing, we used one of the hottest CPUs available and the Water 2.0 Extreme comes out as the best cooler we've tested.  We tested with a couple of fans in the intake side, blowing air through the radiator, but if you wanted maximum performance you could add a couple of fans to the exhaust side as well and have them pull air at the same time.  I'd expect a couple more degrees cooling in this situation.

Just as with all of the Water 2.0 kits, the only concern I have in terms of quality is the retention bits.  While we didn't cover this specifically in this review, we go over this a bit in the full review of the Water 2.0 Pro here. With all that said, the retention mechanism has proved to be reliable as I've been using the same one on all three cooler and have mounted it to a CPU multiple times.   

Installation is simple and swapping between these two kits for the review took less than two minutes - even with my 7 year old son "helping" at the shop.

At the end of the day however, it's pretty easy to call the Water 2.0 Extreme from Thermaltake a winner.  Granted, it isn't cheap, but if you want a kit that can help you squeeze the most from your CPU, the extra radiator cooling area of the Extreme kit is worth the extra money in my opinion. 


  • Excellent performance
  • Extreme Liquid Cooling for under $130
  • Quiet performance with PWM fans
  • Software helps monitor and control temperature and noise
  • Easy to setup and use


  • Large radiator may not fit in most cases
  • Some hardware feels flimsy



I'd like to thank Thermaltake for sending over the Water 2.0 Extreme for us to review.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to post them in the forum at the "Comments" link below.