Samsung HT-AS600 and HT-P50 HTIB Review

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Samsung HT-AS600 and HT-P50 HTIB Review
HT-AS600 - First Look
HT-P50 - First Look
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Products: Samsung HT-AS600 HTiB & Samsung HT-P50 HTiB
Provided By: Samsung Canada


Both professionals and amateurs involved in the audio world will tell you that this is one of the most convoluted industries around. There are buzzwords that mean nothing, false specifications, shoddy manufacturing standards, and ridiculous markups. This is due mostly in part to the fact that home audio it is one of the most popular and fast growing segments of manufacturing. The consumer interest in audio components has risen rapidly to the point now that even the most budget minded consumer owns a “Home Theaterâ€? system.  As consumer interest goes up so does the selection and variety of products, and of coarse there are almost as many bad products as good products. However most manufacturers are genuinely trying to produce a better consumer product (except for Bose) and are constantly releasing new technologies at better price points.

HT-AS600 System
HT-P50 System

In this article we will take a good look at several of Samsung's budget HTIB (Home Theater in a Box) systems. On the low end of the price scale we will look at the HT-AS600, and moving up into Samsung's midrange we will look at the HTP50. We will look at these systems from both an audio quality and a price standpoint. It isn't fair to expect a $499 system compete with the likes of Paradigm and not everyone has the budget for a 10K sound system. Despite my audiofile aversions to HTIB there is a definite place for these systems. 1) It may very well meet the WAF (wife approval factor) better than a larger system. 2) Space constraints may limit your choices. 3) Budgets of under $1000 pretty much have to go with some form of HTIB. With these things in mind lets take a more detailed look at the systems we will be testing.