Zalman Fatal1ty FS-V7 GPU Cooler

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Zalman Fatal1ty FS-V7 GPU Cooler
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Product: Zalman Fatal1ty FS-V7 GPU Cooler
Provided By: Zalman USA
Price: ~ $58.51CDN Online


Today's high-end graphics cards require more power and generate more heat than ever before.  Some of these latest generation cards have a "thermal threshhold" of more that 110°C.  This means that the card will run without errors up to that temperature.  I'm not sure about you, but anything that get's above boiling point in my case better have some extra cooling.  Manufacturer's of todays graphics cards are really caught between a heat load and heat from their investors.  Most graphics cards come with coolers that can get the job done, but barely.  This is due to manufacturers keeping costs low so they can compete in todays ultra competative GPU market.  Some of the latest generation coolers actually perform quite well, but the noise level is unacceptable in a computer that you want to be seen and not heard.  That's where Zalman comes in.  They have been making "Computer Noise Prevention Systems" for years and today we are looking at their latest iteration of high-performance GPU cooling.  Enter the FS-V7 "Fatal1ty" GPU cooler.

Box Shot

First Look:

The Zalman Fatal1ty FS-V7 GPU cooler comes in a large box that will take up a fair bit of shelf realestate, but it designed to catch your eye.  The box isn't bright or overly flashy, but it appeals to a gamer with "bullet holes" adorning the package.

What's In The Box

The Bundle

The Fatal1ty FS-V7 comes in a nice clamshell package that can be opened without a knife and closed again to keep spare parts and bits all in one place.  It comes with everything you need to install this unit on most current GPU's.  It has 8 BGA heatsinks and a power adapter that can be used to run either 12v or 5v to two separate fans.  If desired a total of four fans can be plugged into this adapter.  Unfortuanately, it doesn't allow for RPM monitoring even though the fan supports this.

The design and build of the Zalman FS-V7 is very good.  The unit is designed using all-copper construction on the fins and the base.  In fact the base is merely the culmination of a bunch of fins being sandwiched together.  They are machined smooth and flat and make a nice surface to mate the GPU core.

FS-V7 Top

FS-V7 Bottom


Up Close:

Zalman puts alot of work into their products to make them asthetically pleasing as well as acoustically quiet.  Once again they have stamped their name into every fin on this unit and it shows that they take pride in their products.  The Ramsinks that are included are aluminum and are colored to match the rest of the unit.  Together they make a card look quite formidable - hopefully performance is along those lines as well.

Zalman Pride

BGA Ramsinks

Features & Specs:

Now that you've seen what this unit looks like, let's take a quick look at the specs according to Zalman.

1. Pure copper heatsink with ultra large surface area for maximum cooling performance.
2. 80mm fan (with red LEDs) installed in the heatsink (FHS) cools not only the VGA chipset and
     VGA RAM, but all other VGA components as well.
3. Quiet Mode(5V) and Performance Mode(12V) selection provided to accommodate the user's
     environment and preference.  


- Dimensions : 91(L) x 126.4(W) x 30(H)mm
- Weight : 270g
- Base Material : Pure Copper
- Bearing Type : 2 Ball-Bearing Sets
- Speed : 2,050 rpm ± 10% (Quiet Mode), 3,500 rpm ± 10% (Performance Mode)
- Noise Level : 23.7 dB ±10% (Quiet Mode), 36dB ±10% (Performance Mode)

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