HDCP, Windows Vista & LCD Monitors

When Windows Vista launches later this year, a lot more is going to change that we first thought.  In order to play back HD-DVD and Blu-Ray DVD's (Blu-Ray drives and media are already available in Europe) you will need a system that can play back HDCP content.  This requires a special chip on your graphics card - which is currently not available, and a special chip in your LCD monitor.  This ensures that the High Definition content stays digital.  Without these chips, video either won't play or will be butchered and look horrible.  Thanks to Nicao for pointing out this article at FiringSquad - which is today's lead post.  If you read one post today, please read this one.  It is enlightening as to what Hollywood and Microsoft are pushing on the rest of the world.

"You see, although Windows Vista will be released later this year, most of the monitors on the market today lack the HDCP support needed for high-resolution playback of HD-DVD and Blu-Ray discs on your PC. In fact, there are only 12 monitors that we know of that support HDCP. In short, not only will you need to buy a new graphics card for Windows Vista, if you’d like full-resolution HD-DVD or Blu-Ray, you’ll also need a brand-new monitor. Because of this, at this point in time, we do not recommend purchasing a non-HDCP monitor unless you are planning to use it as a secondary display for text, photos, and games only."