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T1000 For Your CPU?

Remember the liquid metal T1000 terminator from Terminator 2? He's back! Neatly packaged in 0.15ml syringes, he's ready to 'terminate' any thermal barriers between your cpu and heatsink. Ok, enough of that. I found this gem at but couldn't find a manufacturer's website. A chart is posted from a non-english website showing the 5°C temperature decrease over Arctic silver 5. I want some. Here's a quote from Oh, and for the impulsive buyers that can't wait to get their hands on some T1000 action and don't bother reading the instructions, do not use this with aluminum!! Copper or silver only.

"The liquid metal behaves similar to mercury. Application of the thermal compound should be done with a small, lint-free brush to distribute the compound evenly across processor or heat sink. After installation the the Liquid PRO will mature in 48 hours. It solidifies at that time and achieves its optimal cooling performance."