Zalman VF900-Cu Goes LED - Temperature Results and Conclusion

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Zalman VF900-Cu Goes LED
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The first chart below shows how the stock noisy-at-full-speed cooler performance as compared to the VF900-Cu LED at both low and high fan speeds.  High fan speed on the Zalman cooler is much, much quieter than the stock cooler when running 3D applications.

Stock Performance
Stock Performance

The Zalman VF900-Cu LED shows some significant improvement over the stock cooler used by eVGA on this card.  When the Zalman cooler is running at low speed (5v) the idle temperature on the stock cooler is the same as the full load temperature on the Zalman cooler.  At full load, the Zalman cooler keeps the GPU core 8C cooler when running low speed, and 11C when running high speed.  This is a very nice improvement.

When it comes to overclocked performance the performance gap remains fairly static.

Overclocked Performance
Overclocked Performance


Again we see both idle and load temperatures much lower on the VF900-Cu LED than we do on the stock cooler.  We see 11C improvement at high speed and 8C improvement at low speed.


It's really no surprise how much better the VF900-Cu LED performs that a stock cooler.  It's really up to the consumer if the added performance, lower noise and better looks are worth your money, but in our opinion noise=bad, quiet=good.  Zalman has released yet another cooler that fits the bill in our system.  It performs very well and is virtually silent at low fan speed.  In most systems, you'll turn down the fan speed to 5v and leave it alone.  Even at low speed it kicks booty on the stock cooler and provides rock solid stable performance and does it quietly.  Quietly kicking butt is what it's all about.


  • Very good installation instructions.
  • Dual heatpipe design.
  • Fan Controller.
  • Quiet at low-mid speeds.
  • Blue LED fan.


  • Fan Mate 2 Controller could integrate better with the system.
  • Two slot cooler.

Overall we are very happy with this cooler.  It's nice to get rid of the noise that is eVGA stock cooling. Rating
Software Pack:
Total Score 9.4

I'd like to thank ZalmanUSA for sending us this cooler to review.  Dual heatpipe GPU cooling with blue LED bling is always nice.

If you have any questions or comments regarding this cooler and this review, please post them at the comments link below.