LG Super Multi DVD Writer 16x16x10 DVD +/-RW GSA-H10N - A Look at DVD Performance

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LG Super Multi DVD Writer 16x16x10 DVD +/-RW GSA-H10N
A Look at DVD Performance
A Look at CD Performance

LG GSA-H10N DVD Benchmarks:

For all these tests I used a 4.7gig WinRAR file. I used the same file for all tests to ensure they were benchmarked as fairly as possible. I tested 6 different types of media, at different speeds. Below is a recap of the Burning times for all the DVD media I used. I have also included Nero Read Tests for each disk I burned.

Please note that I have also tested a DVD-RAM disc at the end of this section, however since it had a smaller capacity (4.5 gig) compared to the others (4.7 gig), I was not able to include it into the Burning Time Graph.


First up, A Ricoh 8x DVD-R Disk, which burned in 8:09. Pretty good burning quality, and was able to get up to 16x on the Read test.



This was a Fujifilm 16x DVD-R Disk, which burned in 5:28.



This was a Dynex 4x DVD-R disk. These disks cost me less than $0.20 each, so they are definately not high quality by any means, which is obvious from the read tests.



Memorex 16x DVD+R Disk, Nero would only burn it at 12x, which took 5:51



Maxell 8x DVD+R Disk. Nero let this disc be burned at 12x, in 6:44. Even burning faster than rated for, it produced a nice clean read test.



Verbatim 16x DVD+R, which burned in 5:25. Pretty smooth read test.


This was a Verbatim DVD+R Dual Layer Disk burned at 6x (18:52)



This is a Maxell DVD-RAM disk rated for 5x burning. I burned this disk with a different size file since its capacity is a little smaller than the others, which is why its final burning time was not included in the graph. It was able to burn a 4.5gig file in 22:41.


Now that we've wrapped up the DVD Tests, we'll head on over and take a look at a few CD Tests.