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Samsung 400gb HD400LJ 8MB Cache Specifications


Drive Configuration
Interface: Serial ATA II 3.0 Gbps
Buffer DRAM Size: 16 Mbytes
Bytes per Sector: 512

Performance Specifications
Read Seek Time (Typical)
Track to Track: 0.8 ms
Average: 8.9 ms
Full Stroke: 18 ms
Average Latency: 4.17 ms
Rotational Speed: 7,200 rpm
Data Transfer Rate
Media to/from Buffer (max.): 400/1000 Mbits/sec
Buffer to/from Host (max.): 100 MB/sec
Drive Ready Time (typical): 10 sec

Reliability Specification
Non-Recoverable Read Error: 1 sector in 1014 bits
MTBF: 600,000 POH
Start/Stop Cycles (Ambient): 50,000
Component Design Life: 5 years

Idle: 2.7 Bel
Randon Read/Write: 2.9 Bel

Power Requirements
Voltage: +5V±5%,+12V±10%
Spin up Current (max.): 0.8/2.0 A
Read/Write On-Track (typ.): 10.0 W
Seek (typ.): 10.5 W
Idle (typ.): 8.4 W
Standby (typ.): 1.3 (0.6 with DIPM) W
Sleep (typ.): 1.3 (0.6 with DIPM) W

Physical Dimensions
Height: 26.1 mm
Length: 147.0 mm
Depth 101.6 mm
Weight: 651 g

3-year warranty