WD Raptor vs 400GB Samsung - Speed vs Size - HDTach Performance Comparison

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HD Tach

For this test I have tested both drive in our review against each other, but I also added in a Raid 0 array into the test for "informational" purposes. The RAID 0 array I tested both the drives against consists of 2 Maxtor 250gig drives (6V250F0) with a 16MB Cache.

As we can see from the summary of the tests, the RAID 0 array wins hands down for Average read and Burst speed, but the interesting thing is how close the Raptor drive was to it. Another thing to note is how close the Samsung drive was behind the Raptor drive.

I have also included all the detailed HD Tach benchmarks below.

Random Access Time - Lower is Better
Average Read and Burst Rate Speeds - Higher is Better


This is the Read speed test for the Samsung drive.

Red: Samsung 400GB


This is the HD Tach read test for the Raptor drive.

Red: WD Raptor 150GB


This is Both the Samsung and WD Raptor drive against each other in the same graph.

Red: WD Raptor 150GB
Blue: Samsung 400GB


These next two graphs are putting both the Samsung and the WD Raptor Drive against a RAID 0 array. I have just added these graphs for "Informational" purposes, and it is definately interesting to see the difference in performace between them.

Red: Maxtor 2 x 250GB RAID 0 Array
Blue: WD Raptor 150GB


Blue: Maxtor 2 x 250GB RAID 0 Array
Red: Samsung 400GB