WD Raptor vs 400GB Samsung - Speed vs Size - File Copy Test Performance

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File Copy Test Benchmarks:

For this test I created a 4.5GB WinRAR file on each drive. I then copied the file and created a copy of the 4.5GB file on the drive and recorded the times. As you can see in the summary there is about a 12% difference between the drives.

File Copy Test: Lower is Better


SiSoftware Sandra 2007 Benchmarks:

For this test I didn't go too indepth, but just did a quick test on both drives. The results are pretty much the same as advertised, as you can see the WD Raptor drive's Full Stroke Access and Random Access tests is where it really shines.

Drive Index - Higher is Better
Full Stroke Access and Random Access - Lower is Better

PCMark 2005 Benchmarks:

These real-world simulated tests really show the difference between these two drives. The WD Raptor drive really excels at these tests. I think these results show how a drive like this WD Raptor 150GB can really improve overall windows performance, however the Samsung drive put up decent numbers too, especially for a drive in the sub-$200 CDN dollar drive.

All Results are in MB/s


Battlefield 2 Benchmarks:

Doing "Real-World" gaming tests on a hard drive is a little tougher than something like a new video card or ram. Most of todays games do not access the hard drive much, so it has minimal effects on gameplay. However on a game like BF2, a faster hard drive will effect load times. As you can see between the two drives, the difference isn't very huge, however in all tests the WD Raptor did win in all 3 maps I tested.

All load times in seconds