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I won't go into a bunch of details on the benchmarks below as they are pretty self-explanatory.  The game benchmarks display minimum, average and maximum FPS.  The 7950GX2 really bares its teeth when running at higher resolutions with AA and AF enabled.  At 1024x768 the 7800GT can hold it's own in a few tests - which is impressive for an older card.

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Click for full-sized image.

The performance of the 7950GX2 in this benchmark just blows me away.  Granted, it's a synthetic benchmark, but it's still interesting for those who want bragging rights as far as 3DMarks go. At stock speed it fell short of 8000 in 3DMark06, but when overclocked it pulled just over 9K.  I remember when I broke 4,000 in 3DMark 2003: that was a great day.  This card destroys the benchmark with a stock score of over 31,000 and an overclocked score of over 36,000.  Very impressive.  Below we'll look at some real world games.

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At 1024x768 the 7800GT manages as average FPS of 92.5 which is very impressive as this game is capped at 100ish FPS.  As the resolution and eyecandy increase it falls farther and father behind and is almost unplayable at 1600x1200 with 4x AA and 16x AF.  The aging 7800GT drops down below 30FPS and is a little laggy during intense sequences.  Even at max resolution on our monitor with all the details turned up the 7950GX2 keeps above 30FPS and averages almost 51FPS.  When overclocked we keep above 40FPS and average 64.1.  It looks beautiful at such high resolution.

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Click for full-sized image.

F.E.A.R. is perhaps one the best looking DX9 titles to date.  It relies heavily on bump maps, pixel shaders, and lighting effects along with a very freaky story to make this game so incredible.  For our testing we left "Soft Shadows" off, but turned up everything else to max.  The 7800GT manages somewhat playable framerates at 1280x1024, but is a virtual slideshow at 1600x1200 with 4x AA.  The 7950GX2 still manages an incredible 78.4FPS average at stock speed!

We'll continue with a few more games on the next page.