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Samsung DVD-VR335
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Product(s): Samsung DVD-VR335
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Samsung Canada 
Price: ~$257.14 USD ( (Approx: 291.75 CDN)

First Impressions:

When this unit arrived, I was actually quite interested to try it out and see how it performed. After pulling it out of the box I was immediately impressed at how it looked, it looks very sleek and it definitely doesn't look cheap like some other products you see at your local electronics store. Sure presentation doesn't affect how the unit works, but I personally have seen some DVD players that look so cheap that your just waiting for it to break, this Samsung unit is quite the opposite, it looks very classy and well-made.

Another thing I normally look at right away is the remote. Maybe it's just me, but the remote is one of those things that if poorly designed can really ruin a product. I've personally owned products that have terrible remote designs, and it just ruins the "ease of use". The remote with the DVD-VR335 is very nicely laid out, it's narrower than most remotes, but it really has a nice feel to it, it fits very nicely into the palm of your hand. It's also very light compared to other remotes I've used. The remote is also very well laid out, it's not cluttered with useless buttons, and you aren't going to have to read the manual to figure this one out, it's very intuitive. Maybe the remote is the last thing you look at when you're about to purchase a unit, but still with this remote you will not be disappointed.

Samsung DVD-VR335 Specifications

Video Inputs/Outputs

Video In : 2 ea.
Video Out: 1 ea.
Component Video Out: 1
S-video in/out: 1 ea.
DV Input: 1

Audio Inputs/Outputs

Audio In (L/R): 2 sets
Audio Out (L/R): 2 sets
Coaxial: 1
Optical: 1

Back Inputs
The Label
Back View
Front View

Top Left: Rear Inputs
Top Right: Warning Label
Bottom Left: Rear View of Unit
Bottom Right: Front View of Unit

Warranty: 1 year parts / 90 day labor

Versatile video recording: Record favorite TV shows, VHS tapes and even home movies onto DVD. The chapter creator lets you quickly find what you’re looking for. Dual-layer recording fits several hours of programming on a single disc.

Hi-Def conversion: Upgrade the picture quality of your videos and DVDs from 480i to 720p/768p/1080i.

Supported formats: Plays and records DVD-RAM, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW.

DivX playback: Watch DivX movies downloaded from your computer on your home theater system.

Video editing: The DV input on the front panel lets you edit and record from a digital camcorder directly to a DVD disc, making it easier than ever to archive your video footage.

Enjoy better picture quality: The HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) port transfers hi-def images and sound to your TV. Enhanced Video Quality (EVQ) technology sharpens picture and color.

Quick Start Recording: After pressing the REC button, the time it takes to start recording is only a second so that you always get as much of the video as you need.

Recording Times:

Mode 4.7 GB (Single Layer) 8.5 GB (Dual Layer)
XP 1 hour 1.8 hours
SP 2 hours 3.6 hours
LP 4 hours 7.24 hours
EP 8 hours 14.4 hours


Front Inputs - Behind Door Front Controls

Left: Front Inputs
Right: Front Controls