CNPS9700 LED - The Zalman Monster

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CNPS9700 LED - The Zalman Monster
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Product: Zalman CNPS 9700 LED HSF
Provided By: ZalmanUSA
Price: ~$79.99CDN Online


Zalman has long been a leader in quiet cooling solutions, and over the years they have evolved from being merely quiet, to being quiet with good performance.  Back in the early days of their "Flower" CNPS2005-Plus coolers, Zalman was not known to be a cooler associated with high performance.  With the advent of their CNPS7000 series, things started to change and once they launched the CNPS9500 series cooler - the whole world took notice.

Today we are looking at the latest of their large Figure 8 heatpipe coolers, and the unit we have on the bench is one of the largest coolers we have looked at to date.  It is the CNPS9700 LED, and it's a monster.

9700 Box

At first glance the CNPS9700 looks identical to the CNPS9500, but it in fact features a larger fan - a 100mm fan to be exact.  As we carry on through the performance testing, we'll take a look at this cooler when compared to Zalman's smaller CNPS8000 HSF.  This will compare their lowest profile CPU cooler with their largest cooler to see how much performance is gained by the massive size.

Bundle & Specs:

Zalman has marketed this cooler for all CPU current platforms.  They include all of the hardware required to mount this cooler on Socket 754, 939, 940 and AM2 platforms for AMD as well as Intel's Socket 775.  If you are still running an AMD Socket 462 or an Intel Socket 478, you're out of luck - besides, it's about time you upgraded anyway.


Zalman has done a pretty good job with this bundle.  They include all of the mounting hardware for the current platforms as well as included their FanMate 2 controller.  This is not my favorite fan control idea as it adds clutter to your case and requires sticky foam tape to mount the controller to the outside of your case.  What I am impressed with this the inclusion of their STG1 thermal paste.  Back when Zalman released this compound, I talked to their marketing department and pleaded with them to include it with their high performance coolers.  The pleadings of the community did not fall on deaf ears as the CNPS9700 LED includes this thermal paste.


Compatible CPUs and Motherboards
  Socket CPU Silent Mode Normal Mode
Intel 775 Celeron D Supports all speeds Supports all speeds
Pentium 4
Pentium D
Core 2 Duo
AMD AM2 Sempron Supports all speeds Supports all speeds
Athlon 64
Athlon 64 X2
Athlon 64 FX
754 Sempron Supports all speeds Supports all speeds
Athlon 64
939 Athlon 64 Supports all speeds Supports all speeds
Athlon 64 X2
Athlon 64 FX
Dual-Core Opteron
940 Athlon 64 FX Supports all speeds Supports all speeds
Dual-Core Opteron


Dimensions 90(L) X 124(W) X 142(H) mm
Weight Heatsink: 690g, Total (including fan): 764g
Base Material Pure Copper and Aluminum
Dissipation Area 5,490 cm2


Bearing Type 2 Ball-Bearing
Speed Silent Mode 1,250RPM ± 10 % Normal Mode 2,800RPM ± 10 %
Noise Level Silent Mode 19.5dB ± 10% Normal Mode 35dB ± 10%

FAN Speed Controller (FAN MATE 2)

  - Dimensions : 70(L) x 26(W) x 26(H)mm
  - Weight : 20g
  - Output Voltage : 5V ~ 11V ± 2%
  - Allowable Power : 6W or lower
  - Connector : 3-Pin
  ? Directions for Use

- Type : Non-curing compound
- Capacity : 3.5g
- Specific Gravity : 2.42
- Temperature Stability : -40°C-150°C (-40°F-302°F)
? Directions for Use
We'll take a closer look at this cooler on the next page.