Zalman ZM600-HP Heatpipe Cooled PSU - ZM600-HP - Specs, Rails and More

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ZM600-HP - Specs, Rails and More
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Specs & Rails:

Many companies rate their voltage regulation at 5% - 10% and Zalman falls right in with the rest of them.  Their +12v rails are rated at 5% tolerance with the -12v rail rated at 10% tolerance.  Check out more details below.


As you can see above, the PSU has four +12v rails, but what does each rail power?  We did a bit of searching and have posted up the results for you in a little table below.

+12v Rails

In my opinion the rails are split perfectly.  Each PCIe connector runs on its independent rail and this is key to stability with SLI or Crossfire systems.  All of the drives are on a rail together and the CPU and motherboard connector are on their own rail.  If these rails deliver solid voltage at +12v or above, we could assume that it would be a great component for an overclockers computer.

Check out our test system, and actual voltage measurements on the next page.