FC-ZE1 Fatal1ty Aluminum Case - Up Close and Personal - Outside

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FC-ZE1 Fatal1ty Aluminum Case
Up Close and Personal - Outside
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Closer Look - Outside:

Once we took a closer look at this case we noticed a bunch of little details that we thought were worth pointing out.  Some were good and others, well, not so good.

Full Frontal
Front View

Full Backside
Back View

First off, I think it is noteworthy to remind you that the case side panels are made from 5mm thick aluminum.  This is nuts and shows that Zalman is not afraid to spend some money on their high end cases.  You'll also notice that the solid aluminum front bezel is screwed on using Allen-head screws.  These can be removed by using the provided Allen wrench.  There are 4 - 5.25" Drive Bays on this case as you can see in the picture above on the left that one bay cover is missing.  Zalman ships the case minus one bay cover assuming that you will install one optical drive in this case.  That is true I'm sure, but leaving a blank on a $380 case seems a little odd.  The bay covers that do exist are all laser engraved with different Zalman and Fatal1ty logos.

Moving around to the back lets us see that the back of the case is made from the same 5mm thick aluminum.  The layout is pretty standard, and the 120mm fan has a nice wire guard that won't restrict airflow.  On the back we also find the serial number and the laser engraved Falal1ty signature.

The case sits on four rubber feet that help reduce any vibration that could transfer from the case to your desk or whatever you place the case on.  The case feet look very nice and reminiscent of a high-end Home Theatre Amp.

Case Feet
Case Feet

A closer look at the front of the case shows the power and reset buttons as well as the Power and HDD LEDs.  You can also see the front audio, 2x USB2.0 ports, and a 6-pin Firewire port.

I/O Front Close
I/O Front Close

On the bottom of the case on the front are two 80mm fans that bring in fresh cool air over the hard drives.  These fans are the only air intake on this case and can be ran at either 5v or 12v using a provided Y-adapter.

On the next page we'll take a look inside.