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Razer AC-1 Barracuda

Virtual Hideout has a look at the much anticipated Razer Barracuda 7.1 Sound Card .  This card has been talked about for months and Razer has been working out some kinks and getting it ready for the mainstream.  This card only has three connectors on the back and at first glance seems like they forget it was a sound card as it looks like it has a DVI port.  This port is for the dongle that has all of the connections you'll need to get and keep things rocking.  Take a look and see how it all stacks up.

I don't think I've heard any of my games sound this good before. I was expecting a lot from Razer after the claims and hype they've made over this card. I don't think they have dropped the ball on any of it. Everything sounds like I think it should, I didn't notice anything like a gun in Counter-Strike sounding weak or anything like that. Even when you get multiple people shooting at you, you can still pick out what weapon is shooting, from what direction, and how close they might be.