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ButtKicker Gamer
Installation, Testing and Conclusion

Product: ButtKicker Gamer
Provided By: ButtKicker (Guitammer)
Price: ~$99.99 USD


The ButtKicker family of products are used by companies such as Walt Disney, Universal Studios, Warner Bros., and over 100 of the worlds leading bands, as well as home theater professionals and enthusiasts around the world.

I'm sure most people have been to a theme park or something where they have shakers built into the seats for a more realistic experience, chances are that was a ButtKicker product. ButtKicker has a full line of home theater products that you can hook to your couch, but today we are going to look at a new product of theirs, the ButtKicker Gamer. This product hooks up to your office chair, and provides the same experience you'd get a Universal Studios. This product is designed for console gaming, movies or music.

Here is a link to a promotional video from ButtKicker

Enough of the introduction, lets get onto the review....



The packaging for the ButtKicker Gamer is very decent, its has a flap on the top that opens where you can view the shaker without having to open the box, definitely a good display package. Anyways, everything is packed nice and tight, and it easily survived the trip home from Las Vegas in our suitcases without any trouble. Packaging of course plays no part in performance, but its always nice to know that not even UPS can break it while trying to deliver it.

As you can see from the pictures, the box was beaten up a little thanks to the fine folks at the airport, but even with a beating they stood up very well.



In The Box:

The ButtKicker Gamer comes with the ButtKicker (Motor with Chair adapter), Amplifier, Manual, a 13.5' cable with a quick release connection to run from the amplifier to your chair, a 5' RCA to RCA cable, and a 5' RCA to mini cable, as well as some adapters and cable ties.


Amplifier (Front)

Amplifier (Side)