Gigabyte 3D Rocket II vs. G-Power Lite - 3DRocket II Installation

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As is quite customary for aftermarket coolers, installation on the LGA775 platform requires motherboard removal in order to install the retention frame.  This frame feels quite flimsy when not installed, but when it is secured by four screws, it feels more durable.  However, I am a bit concerned that the weight of the 3D Rocket II hanging on the frame could damage it during transportation of the computer to a LAN.  At this point though, it has survived quite a few heatsink mountings of both the 3D Rocket II and the G-Power Lite which we'll cover on the next few pages.

The first thing to do when mounting the 3D Rocket II on an LGA775 board is to remove the board from the case and install the retention frame.  This frame is secured with four screws and kept from shoring out the board with four nylon washers.  There is no stiffener plate required for this cooler so it is quite easy to install.

Retention Frame
Retention Frame

Once the frame is place, you must use the mounting hardware and thread it through the retention frame holes and over the heatsink base then clip both sides evenly in order to secure the heatsink in place.  This requires a bit of co-ordination and a fair bit of room, so I recommend mounting the heatsink when the board is still outside the case.  If you have to install the cooler inside the case, be patient as it takes a little while to get everything lined up and in place.

Rocket II Retention Clips
Rocket II Retention Clips

Once you've got all the hardware wrapped up and installed, you need to install the rest of your hardware and then you're ready to boot up and see if everything works.  Even though this cooler looks large, it's footprint is fairly standard and should work on any motherboard.  We installed it on the MSI 975X Platinum motherboard and there was plenty of room around the northbridge, RAM and voltage regulators.

Rocket II Running
Rocket II Running

On the next pages we'll take a look at the cousin of the 3D Rocket II - the G-Power Lite.