Gigabyte 3D Rocket II vs. G-Power Lite - G-Power Lite - First Look

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G-Power Lite Specs and Features
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G-Power Lite - First Look:

The G-Power Lite a much smaller heatsink from Gigabyte that offers more compatibility in smaller cases and comes in quite a bit cheaper than the larger 3D Rocket II.  The downside is that the cooler doesn't include simple fan control in a 3.5" bay or rear PCI slot.  The packaging is much better with the G-Power Pro as the clamshell package keeps everything more secure and still showcases the heatsink.  The clamshell can be re-used as it doesn't need to be cut to open it.  This is a big improvement over other clamshell packages that have to be destroyed to open them.

 G-Power Package
G-Power Package
 G-Power Bundle
G-Power Bundle

There are several things that make the G-Power cooler "Lite".  First of all, it comes with a slower fan that the G-Power cooler and it lacks the rheostat fan control option of the G-Power as well.  Other than that, this cooler has a pretty impressive package that fits every current Socket available.  It will even fit the aging Socket 478 Pentium from Intel.

G-Power Low Speed Adapter
G-Power Lite Low Speed Adapter

Although I mentioned that the G-Power Lite, doesn't have a rheostat fan control option, it does have a way of running the fan in normal (high speed) or low speed mode by using an included resistor extension.  This has a resistance of 21Ω and is used to drop the fan RPM down from ~2400 rpm to ~2000 rpm.  With the G-Power Lite, the cooler is almost silent at 2000rpm and still makes very little noise at full speed.