Jabra A120s Bluetooth Music Adapter

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Jabra A120s Bluetooth Music Adapter
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Product(s): Jabra A120s
Provided By: Jabra
Price: ~$49.99 USD (Jabra Online Store)


These days everything is going wireless, and Bluetooth is one of the leading technologies for wireless products. Pretty much every cell phone now comes with Bluetooth built in, and almost everyone has a Bluetooth headset to use with their phone.

The Jabra A120s that I'm taking a look at today is very handy as it allows you to hook a MP3 player into it (Or any device that uses a regular 3.5mm jack), and it will then broadcast the audio wirelessly using Bluetooth. This allows you to listen to your MP3 player or audio source of choice on a Bluetooth headset. Anyone who has used a wireless Bluetooth audio device knows that by using Bluetooth instead of other wireless protocols (5.8GHz, etc) the sound quality is much better and it also avoids interference much better.

Reviewing this product was tough, since there really isn't a lot to test, so instead of benchmarks and numbers, I'm going to instead rate it on how easy it is to use, and if it's a quality product worth your cash.

What's in the Box:

Jabra A120s

Jabra A120s Bluetooth Stereo Adapter with 3.5mm connector
User Manual
USB Charger
Velcro Strip (for attaching the Jabra A120s to your MP3 player)


A120s - Top
A120s - Connected to MP3
A120s Bottom View
A120s - USB Connector
A120s - USB Connector
A120s - Button
A120s - Button