Silex Biometrics - Security For Everyone

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Silex Biometrics - Security For Everyone
A Look at the Cardbus FIC-200 Biometric
A Look at the S1 USB Biometric
A Look at the Combo-Mini USB Super Biometric
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Products: Silex FIC-200, S1, Combo-Mini Fingerprint Readers
Provided By: Silex America
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Security is on the forefront of everyone's mind these days and rightly so.  Each and every day the world pours their lives into technology.  We store Petabyes of personal and business information on our computers every minute and this information is buy a keystroke away from falling into the wrong hands.  There are many ways to protect your data on your own PC, and this of course involves good passwords, good web surfing habits and plain common sense.  The trouble with "good passwords" is that we use them too often.  In the past, I have been very guilty of this and when I have chosen a "good" password (upper & lower case as well as numbers and symbols) I have the tendency to use the same password over and over.  This is not wise but is often practiced as having many different strong passwords is hard to remember.

Today we are looking at several devices that help keep your personal computer more secure than a password alone.  We are looking at Biometric security from Silex in the form of three fingerprint scanners.  Two of these are USB based and the other is PCMCIA based for seamless integration with your laptop.  These products offer two major benefits.  One, they use fingerprint scanning to authorize use on your PC.  Unless a person takes your finger and physically uses it on the scanner your PC remains locked.  Two, these products can be used to remember different passwords on different websites and for different applications.  When you launch the application or visit the website, the password can automatically be entered by scanning your fingerprint.  How does this help?  You can use many different passwords as you don't even need to remember them!!  All you have to do is remember your finger, and that shouldn't be too hard for many of you.  Third, the Silex Biometric devices can be setup to limit what programs are executed and prompt for fingerprint identification in order to launch programs.

 PCMCIA Security  S1 Swipe  Combo Mini


This security enhancement doesn't guarantee your data safety, but it provides a greater level of security and will deter casual hackers, your fellow co-workers or your kids from accessing your PC without authorization.


About Silex Technology America:

silex technology, Inc. has more than 30 years experience designing, manufacturing and marketing embedded products. During the past 10 years, silex has become the number-1 global supplier of print server solutions designed to help businesses improve the way they move, print and secure information.

Today silex technology america, Inc. (STA) brings the products and technology developed by silex technology to the North American market. silex provides a complete line of connectivity products for enterprise environments of all sizes. From inexpensive easy-to-use print servers, to multi-port USB device servers, silex products are intelligent and intuitive for use with networkable printers and USB devices.silex also develops fingerprint reader products designed to support a variety of secure computing options.

The company is developing new USB device servers, secure print, and biometric technologies designed to increase network productivity and security in a variety of vertical applications.

silex technology america provides a tremendous opportunity for original equipment manufacturers (OEM), and has created a roster of over 30 worldwide corporate OEM partners. silex is associated in product development with Hewlett Packard, Canon, Epson and others, and as a result is able to meet end users' network printing needs by being compatible with a variety of platforms including Windows, NetWare, UNIX, Linux and Macintosh.

We met with Silex Technology America at CES 2007 and they showed us some of their connectivity products as well as their Biometrics security devices.  We contacted Silex after CES and they were more than willing to send us some of their security products.  On the following pages we'll take a look at all three products and see what applications they are designed for.  We'll also try and spoof these fingerprint readers and see if we can hack them and compromise the test system.