Arctic Cooling Accelero X2 GPU Cooler

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Arctic Cooling Accelero X2 GPU Cooler
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Product(s): ArcticCooling Accelero X2
Provided By: Arctic Cooling

Price: ~$39.95 CDN (Memory Express )


It seems like every month some company is releasing a newer and faster video card. These cards are running faster and faster, but a byproduct of that means they run hotter and hotter. Stock cooling just doesn't cut it anymore like it used to, it seems like most stock coolers are either two loud, or don't adequately cool your video card, and that's where Arctic Cooling comes in. The product we are looking at today is the Accelero X2, and this is produced for the ATI X1800, X1900, and X1950 series of cards. This cooler originally did not support the X1950 Pro (and later the GT), but thanks to a new voltage regulator head spreader module, it's now compatible (heat spreader is included with the Accelero X2 now).

Arctic Cooling is a big name in GPU cooling, they have created a ton of great coolers for video cards, so let's see if this one can live up to the long tradition of top-end aftermarket video card coolers. Let's see if this card can live up to the all the hype.


Test System:


What's in the Box:



  • Accelero X2 Cooler
  • VR Heat Spreader Module for ATI X1950PR
  • Installation Instructions
  • Thermal Compound Strips for Memory Modules


First Impressions:

I've used other Arctic Cooling GPU cooling products in the past, so I was pretty sure I knew what I was getting myself into. The first thing I noticed was that this cooler was pretty light (260g), the quality of the cooler is also pretty obvious, this unit looks like it's built for the long-haul.


Bottom of Cooler
Top of Cooler
Side of Cooler