ZEROtherm GX815 Gamer Edition GPU Cooler

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ZEROtherm GX815 Gamer Edition GPU Cooler
First Impressions and Installation
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Product(s): ZEROtherm GX815 Gamer Edition
Provided By: ZEROtherm

Price: ~$TBD



This is the second product from ZEROtherm that we have taken a look at here at BCCHardware, last week we reviewed the BTF80 CPU cooler, and now we are going to take a look at ZEROtherm's GPU cooling line, with their GX815 Gamer Edition cooler.

This is a neat looking cooler, that is compatible with ATI and Nvidia cards, let's see if it can cool like it says it can.


Test System:



What's in the Box:


  • GX815 GPU Cooler
  • Mounting Hardware (SLI and Non-SLI configurations)
  • Thermal Paste
  • Passive Aluminum Memory Heatsinks
  • Installation Manual