Ultra X-Finity 800W Quad Rail PSU

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Ultra X-Finity 800W Quad Rail PSU
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Product: Ultra X-Finity 800W PSU w/ Active PFC
Provided By: Ultra Products
Price: MSRP - $199.99USD



Ultra has been in business for a few years, and they have helped create a standard of performance, quality and affordability that the market has needed for many years.  Ultra became famous with their original X-Connect Power Supplies, and have since expanded their product line to include many different power supplies, cases, hard drives, projector screens, case lighting, MP3 players and more.  As you can see this company has a very wide product range and offers great warranties on their products.  Today we are looking at a nice 800W Active PFC Power Supply that comes with a standard 3 year warranty that can be upgraded to a lifetime warranty if you simply register on the Ultra website.  800W is more than enough for most users today, and should have enough power for all but the hardest of the hardcore enthusiasts.  We will test the stability of this unit in the real-world and see how it holds up under some stress.


About Ultra:

Ultra Products is a global, technology-solutions provider with headquarters in Fletcher, Ohio. The company strives to offer a wide range of solutions, products and services all with a common thread: Innovation, value and quality.

It is Ultra's mission to be the best provider of technology-solutions in the global market. By offering superior, innovative products and ensuring a high level of customer service, Ultra guarantees its customers receive an exceptional value in everything they do.
Innovative and Quality Products
Ultra Products is constantly monitoring industry developments to guarantee the product lines are up-to-date with the latest innovations; products are manufactured and engineered to exceed customer application requirements. Ultra currently offers: case fans and lights, CPU designer cases, DVD products, hard drive coolers, media drives, complete memory solutions, memory coolers and power supplies.
Extensive Service Offerings
Ultra Products constantly searches for opportunities to grow and to improve its services to meet the customer's changing needs. Customer service does not end but begins with the sale and Ultra's relationship with the customer continues to build from there.
The Ultra Advantage!    
To ensure your complete satisfaction, all Ultra Power Supplies and Cases now carry a three-year warranty that they will be free from defects in materials or workmanship. In addition, that warranty can be upgraded to a LIFETIME warranty by simply registering online for the Ultra Advantage. The incomparable Ultra Advantage provides the most comprehensive warranty coverage possible. If you opt for the Ultra Advantage, all power supplies, cases and memory products are protected by our Lifetime Warranty, upgraded from three year. Under Ultra Advantage, all our other products are upgraded from the standard one-year to 3-year coverage! No other company delivers a consumer care package that can top ours. At Ultra, customer service is our most important mission. That’s why every Ultra product must meet the highest industry standards for quality and reliability. And our warranty program is second to none.


Box & Contents:

The Ultra X-Finity 800W PSU comes in a very flashy box that will probably catch your eye on the store shelf.  The box shows off some of the features of this unit as well as gives you a breakdown of just why this is the Ultra X-Finity.  According to the packaging, it should be a good unit.

 Ultra Box
Ultra Box
 Ultra PSU
Ultra PSU


The 800W Ultra X-Finity comes with a power cable, but other than that, you are pretty much on your own.  That being said, it is a PSU and you really shouldn't expect accessories or a driver CD.