SteelSound 3H Gamers Folding Headset

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SteelSound 3H Gamers Folding Headset
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Product: SteelSound 3H Headset
Provided By: SteelSeries
Price: $49.95USD MSRP


SteelSeries is well known for their line of SteelPad mousepads but are also making a name for themselves in computer headsets.  They have several headsets available, and today we are starting with their entry-level 3H headset.  Although I say this headset is entry-level, it still comes with a $50 price tag and some features that you'd expect from a mid-range headset.  This is the lowest priced model from SteelSeries and we'll take a look at it today and find out if it's worth the price tag, or if you're better off spending more money on a different headset.

 3H Headset

About SteelSeries:

SteelSeries is all about gaming. Our mission is to create performance enhancing gaming gear, created for and by leading professional gamers. We continuously strive to better ourselves, and work with leading professional gamers from 3 different continents to create our products.

Our staff is distributed throughout the world, working from offices in Europe, North America and Asia.

The SteelSeries headquarters are located in Europe (Copenhagen, Denmark), and host the primary office facilities for the company. The headquarters handle all planning, production and partner coordination.

For logistical reasons we also have sales offices in Asia (Taipei, Taiwan) and USA (Los Angeles, California). From Taipei we can reach the entire Asian market, as well as New Zealand and Australia. From Los Angeles we can reach North America, Canada and South America. All manufacturing is done by sub-suppliers from Europe and Asia, and then delivered to one of our warehouses for final processing.


SteelSound 3H Specs & Features:


  • Frequency Response: 10-27,000 Hz
  • Impedance: 50 Ohm
  • SPL@1kHz, 1Vrms: 102dB
  • Cable: 2 meters


  • Frequency Response: 50 - 18,000 Hz
  • Pick Up Pattern: Non-Directional
  • Sensitivity: -40dB
  • Impedance: 2.2K Ohm


SteelSeries touts the 3H Headset as one for gamers who frequently attend LAN events due to it's smaller size and folding design.  Below is more info from SteelSeries regarding the 3H.

SteelSound 3H is a compact and lightweight headset for gamers who frequently attend LAN events, and expect high quality sound. With it's foldable design the size of the SteelSound 3H makes for easy transportation, even in the most crammed situations. The small size also means that the headset is very light weight, which makes all the difference when it comes to wearing this comfortable headset. With pads that lightly press on top of the ears and a light headpiece that keeps the headset in place at all times, SteelSound 3H is hardly noticeable when the sound start playing.

A strong bass and crystal clear sound will help you determine where you can expect the next encounter with your enemy. At a very affordable price, everyone will now be able to buy a high quality gaming headset build for and by professional gamers.

The SteelSound 3H comes equipped with a retractable, uni-directional microphone that can be completely retracted into the headset, meaning the microphone will only have to be visible when in use. Featuring a 50 - 18.000 Hz pickup pattern your voice will be communicated to the recipients with perfect clarity, making it a excellent choice for both games and IP-telephony programs like Skype.

 We will be testing these claims on the following pages for sure.