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Ideazon Merc Gaming Keyboard
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Product(s): Ideazon Merc USB Gaming Keyboard w/ Gamepad
Provided By: Ideazon

Price: ~$34.99 USD (~$38.02 CDN) (


Every gamer is different, and if you look around a LAN party, you'll see that no 2 gamers have the same setup. Some gamers go with the traditional mouse and keyboard approach, while some gamers go with some pretty unique setups. Today we are going to look at an all-in-one setup from Ideazon, the Merc.

Ideazon is very well known because of their popular line of Zboard keyboards, but today we are going to look at another keyboard they produce, the Merc. The Merc is a standard USB keyboard, but also features a integrated and dedicated 34 button Gaming section, as well as multimedia controls and dedicated hotkeys. Basically the idea behind the Merc is to eliminate that gamepad that is taking up precious desk space with an all-in-one unit.

Let's see how the Merc performs...


First Impressions:



Box of Merc
Front of Box
Merc Keyboard Bundle
Merc Box Backside
Back of Box


As soon as you get the Merc out of the box, you're probably going to say/think the same thing I did, "Huh, that's not really any bigger than my old keyboard". I was half expecting the Merc to be this huge long all-in-one keyboard, but really its only about 3 inches longer than the keyboard I was already using. After a quick test of the keyboard and gamepad, I was pretty happy with the feel of the keyboard and the layout of the gamepad, it feels very natural.


Merc Gamepad
Gamepad Area
Merc Keyboard - Left
Left Side of Keyboard
Merc Keyboard
Standard Keyboard Area


Merc Keyboard
Keyboard (Full View)
Back of Merc
Back of Keyboard
Merc Feet Raised
Keyboard Feet