Samsung T9 Bluetooth MP3 Player (4GB)

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Samsung T9 Bluetooth MP3 Player (4GB)
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Product(s): Samsung T9 Bluetooth (4GB)
Provided By: Samsung Canada

Price: ~$179.99 USD (



In a market dominated by the Apple iPod, Samsung is taking a shot at the big dog with their new T9 MP3 Player. This player has built-in Bluetooth capabilities, as well as other options the iPod doesn't come with.

Can this MP3 player dethrone the king? You'll have to read this review to find out.....


What's in the Box:


Front of Box
Inside Box (For Me? Why Thanks!)
Box Opened

  • Samsung T9 MP3 Player
  • EP-370 Balanced Earphones
  • USB Cable
  • Install CD with Samsung Media Studio and User Manuals


First Impressions:

I was pretty impressed by the looks of the Samsung T9 as soon as I opened the box; it's pretty skinny and has a classy look to it. It's also nice and light, which is always nice for portability.


Front of Samsung T9
Samsung T9 Controls
Rear of Samsung T9


Side Buttons
Headphone Jack
Hold Button


USB 2.0 Connection


As you can see from the pictures, the Sansa e270 is a pretty classy looking MP3 player and I found it to be very well designed and sturdy. It definitely is a MP3 player that when you show people they are quite impressed.