Ultra 700VA UPS vs Ultra 850VA UPS

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Ultra 700VA UPS vs Ultra 850VA UPS
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Product(s): Ultra 850VA 425 Watts Backup UPS, Ultra 700VA 350 Watts Backup UPS
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Ultra Products
Price: Ultra 850VA - $42.97 CDN (Tigerdirect.ca), Ultra 700VA - $53.97 CDN (Tigerdirect.ca)



I really find it amazing that people with a couple thousand dollars invested in the most current hardware don't bother to use a UPS. Statistics place power problems as the leading cause of computer damage, and for an extra few dollars you can literally buy piece of mind knowing that if your power goes out your computer is going to safely shut itself down and prevent any damage due to the power being cut out suddenly.

Now that summer is coming, and everytime your neighbor powers up that big old air conditioner and you lights go dim for a second, it might be a good time to get yourself a UPS, or at least consider getting one. Not sure how a UPS works? Well, check out this link, it explains it alot better than I can.

Ultra might not be a well-known name in the UPS market, but we're going to see in this review how their 700VA and 850VA models perform, they both are very competitively price, lets see if they can compete with the big guys...


First Impressions:

Well, when I was told a these UPS' were coming, I was pretty sure I knew what to expect. Pulling them out of the box really didn't amaze me, but honestly, I was overall quite impressed with them, they look nice and classy. Looks only count for so much on a UPS since most likely its going to get shoved under your desk and no one is ever going to see it, but hey, I'm just saying they look very nice. But enough with how they look, lets move onto the next section for the real tests...


Ultra 700VA - Box Action
Ultra 700VA UPS Box
Ultra 850VA - Box Action
Ultra 850VA UPS Box
Ultra 700VA - Connections
Ultra 700VA UPS
Ultra 850VA - Connections
Ultra 850VA UPS
Ultra 700VA - Contents
Ultra 700VA UPS Contents
Ultra 850VA - Contents
Ultra 850VA UPS Contents


As you can see from the pictures, both UPS' look pretty similar, only major difference is that the 850VA has 8 plugs and the 750VA has 6 plugs. As you can see in the picture below, the 850VA is also a little bitter bigger in size.


Ultra 850VA - 700VA Comparison
Ultra 750VA and 850VA - Side By Side