Samsung K5 4GB MP3 Player w/Built-In Speakers

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Samsung K5 4GB MP3 Player w/Built-In Speakers
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Product(s): Samsung K5 4GB MP3 Player (YP-K5JAB)
Provided By: Samsung Canada

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In the world of MP3 players, there isn't a whole lot that hasn't been done, and these days every new MP3 player on the market really doesn't have any new "never-been-done" features, most are just the same features in a different package, well Samsung has release a new model in their MP3 player lineup that looks to change this.

Today I'm going to take a look at Samsung's K5 MP3 player that includes a built-in speaker, yup you read that right, this portable music player has a built in speaker. Let's not waste any more time, lets get right into the review...

What's in the Box:


box [800x600].JPG

  • Samsung K5 4GB MP3 Player
  • Bass-Enhanced Headphones
  • Samsung USB Cable
  • Quick Start Guide, CD with User Guide & Additional Flyer Inserts


Nothing too out of the ordinary for accessories, its also got your standard package of software that comes with all Samsung MP3 players.


First Impressions:

As soon as I opened up the K5 package I was almost confused, honestly I was expecting since the K5 featured built-in speakers that it would be in a decent size package because if its got speakers its going to be a big MP3 player.... Well, I was wrong, it actually came in the same sized box that the Samsung T9 (which we reviewed here), actually its pretty much exactly the same box, so at first glance I thought they'd sent me the wrong player, but after pulling the K5 out of the box I was quite impressed at its small size (remember, I was expecting something quite a bit bigger), sure its not as small as some other MP3 players, but for one that has built-in speakers, its impressively small.


Front of K5 (Speaker Open)
Front of K5 (Speaker Closed)
Back of K5 (Closed)
Back of K5 (Speaker Open)
Side of K5 (Speaker Open)
Closeup of OLED Screen
 sliding2 .jpg
K5 Sliding Open
 power2 .jpg
Power Button
connections2 .jpg
Headphone and USB Connections


 off2 .jpg
K5 Power Off


As I'm sure you can tell from the pictures this is a pretty nice looking unit, the OLED screen has a very nice picture and the glossy front with no physical buttons (touch buttons) makes it a pretty cool looking unit.


Only problem that the K5 has is that its glossy front becomes a huge fingerprint magnet, your not going to want to try and use this while eating a nice greasy pail of KFC, otherswise you'll be wiping smudges off for a week...

I also wanted to show the size of the K5 compared to other MP3 players, so I took a couple pictures with it and the Sansa e270 we reviewed a while back (Reviewed Here)

Sansa e270 vs K5
Sansa e270 vs K5

As you can see its a bit bigger than the Sansa e270, but not by much, especially for a unit that has built-in speakers.


Samsung K5 Specifications:

Taken from


Memory Type Flash Memory
Memory Size 4GB
Display 1.82" TFT LCD
Battery Rechargeable Battery (Li-Poly)
Playback Time 30 Hours Earphones / 6 Hours Speaker
Colour Black
Compatible File Format MP3 Yes
Secure WMA Yes
Sound Mode Auto EQ by Genre 5 Preset EQ Settings
Special Effect DNSe
Functions Music Management System ID3 Tag
Folder Play Shuffle, Repeat, Normal
Play list On PC (SMS or WMP)
File Navigation List By: Artist, Album, Genres, Playlist, Titile
Clock Clock Display/Sleep Timer Function
Alarm User configurable Alarm
Display JPEG Photo Slideshow
Upgrade Firmware Upgradeable firmware
Software Samsung Media Studio Yes
PC Interface USB 2.0
Supporting Operating System WindowsXP
Jack Type Earphone Yes
DC In USB Port
Accessories Earphone Yes
USB Cable Yes
Installation CD Yes
Model Code YP-K5JAB/XAC
Product Dimension (mm, WxHxD) 42.2 x 89.8 x 11.4