Plextor PX-810UF 18x External DVDRW

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Plextor PX-810UF 18x External DVDRW
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Product: Plextor PX-810UF External Firewire/USB2.0 DVD Super Multi Drive
Provided By: Plextor America
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It's been a while since we've looked at an external DVDRW drive and today we are breaking the drought by bringing you a review of the PX-810UF DVDRW drive.  This drive is a "Super Multi" drive - meaning it supports DVD-RAM as well as DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW and CDRs.  As mentioned this is an external unit and can run on virtually every current computer that has USB2.0 or Firewire.  If you want to add a faster DVDRW drive to your laptop, your workstation or your own PC at home, this is a simple way to make it happen.

Box Front
Box Front


Specs & Features:

The Plextor PX-810UF comes in a nice classy box as you can see above and bears the moniker "TurboPlex".  According to Plextor the Power of TurboPlex is summed up in the following:

The PX-810UF DVD Super Multi Drive from Plextor® offers all the advantages of our legendary DVD and CD-RW drives. It supports blazing fast 18X burns on single layer DVD±R media (4.7 GB), 10X burns on double/dual layer media (8.5 GB) and 12X on reliable DVD-RAM media. The PX-810UF DVD Super Multi Drive is the only DVD burner you’ll need to get the job done right the first time.


 Front Profile
Front Profile

The PX-810UF is more than mere hardware it's all about the full bundle.  The bundle includes a power "brick", USB cable, manual and a software CD.  The software is listed below as we once again, we rip the following info from Plextor's site:

Easy Media Creator™ 9 An award winning software suite which combines full-featured photo, video, music, burning, and authoring applications for the PC. Burn music CDs and DVDs, back up fast, and copy with ease. Take your media with you — easily transfer files to iPod, PSP, or other devices.

Get the most out of your digital videos, music, and photos. Easy Media Creator™ 9 lets you create, manage and enjoy them the way you want them — where you want them.

Video Authoring - MyDVD
Create a DVD with MyDVD®, make a disc using your video device, multimedia clips and pictures. Customize your disc and share with your friends and family.

Video Editing - VideoWave
Create professional looking video by removing unwanted scenes, reordering content, and applying special effects.

DVD-Video Playback - CinePlayer
Plays all DVD-ROM movies, DVD and VCD titles. Uses any resolution or color depth video display (depending only on VGA memory).

Archive and Backup - Backup MyPC
Archive your important music, video, and data files by transferring them to discs or a hard drive using Backup MyPC
technology. Back up individual files or your entire system using Backup MyPC™


Data Transfer Rate : 
CAV, CLV, ZCLV write/ CAV, CLV read
Sustained Read/ Write Speeds DVD/CD
18X (DVD read/write)
24.7 MB/sec (write)
22 MB/sec
16.6 MB/sec
11 MB/sec
8.2 MB/sec
6.9 MB/sec
5.5 MB/sec (write)
3.3 MB/sec (write)
2.7 MB/sec
1.3 MB/sec
6 MB/sec (write)
4.8 MB/sec
3.6 MB/sec
2.4 KB/sec
1.5 MB/sec
1.2 MB/sec
600 kB/sec

Minimum System Requirements

Pentium® 4 1.6 GHz or equivalent, Mac G4 (minimum)
256 MB, 512 MB WIndows Vista™ Basic
Hard Disk Space
1 GB free space for copying CD to CD image
6GB to 10GB free space for DVD authoring
IEEE 1394 (FireWire), USB 2.0
Operating System
Windows® XP /Vista™ /Mac OSX