Silicon Power A66 Drives
Silicon Power A66 Drives

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OLight Open, Obulb & MR2

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ASUS Dial-an-Overclock

ASUS has introduced a device that allows you to dial in an overclock on your graphics card.  This device fits in a spare 5.25" bay and greatly simplifies overclocking.  I have no doubt that a seasoned enthusiast will be able to get more performance by tweaking manually, but this would be handy in a game if you needed a little extra performance.

With an easy-to-read mirror LED display, the OC gear displays real-time graphic card information including the GPU temperature and the current FPS (Frames Per Second). In addition, the user-friendly knob allows timely adjustments by simply pressing it to switch menu options including volume, GPU clock, and fan speed to suit different game requirements.