EnzoTech SCW-1 Sapphire CPU Waterblock - SCW-1 Specs and Close Up Shots

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EnzoTech SCW-1 Sapphire CPU Waterblock
SCW-1 Specs and Close Up Shots
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Specs and Info:

The SCW-1 water block from Enzotech is not available for retail just yet.  What we have in our hands is actually the second version of this block.  The first version is reported to have a thicker base.  This unit we have on our bench has a thinner base and some minor changes to the top.  Enzo ChartAs such, the block may yet see more revisions before it hits retail channels, so the specs are a bit thin.  Below is some of the information available from the product page.

  • Super high density, radial pattern, micro-pin design (0.5mm from pin to pin), provides maximum surface exposure area for superior cooling performance.
  • Direct injection water flow design, delivers coolant straight to CPU core. Eight return holes pulls heated water away for extremely fast heat dissipation.
  • Metallic Mirror coating gives elegant style and superb finish.
  • Water block's base is machined to .0003 per inch run-out which optimizes surface contact and maximizes thermal conductivity performance.
  • Compatible with all 1/2", 3/8" and 1/4" coolant tubing.
  • 100% leak tested and inspected direct from factory.


By the time this block hits retail, I hope that Enzotech will update the product page to include information that includes Socket compatibility and more.  Currently it states that it has application for Intel and AMD.  More details would be most welcome in my opinion.

As we take a closer look at this block below, please keep in mind that pictures simply do not do the Sapphire CPU block justice.  The finish is immaculate and brilliantly shiny.  The top of the block is actually quite light blue, while the top retention bracket has a gunmetal finish that is virtually impossible to photograph.  If looks could kill, this block would be on death row in Texas.


Close Up:

The fit and finish of this block is excellent.  We put it on a lapping stone and found that it is very flat - as well as obviously shiny.  At each corner of the base is a recessed screw that won't affect performance on any current CPU as the holes lay far outside the heat spreader area.

Shiny Bottom
Shiny Bottom


You can see by peeking through the inlet hole below (block center), that base of the block has some very fine pins that generate lots of turbulence.  This is designed to transfer heat quickly from the CPU to the water and provide better cooling.  These fine pins require some pretty fancy machining and we can see that this is not a budget oriented block.  That being said, we do believe that EnzoTech is going to price this block competitively.

 Block Top Close
Block Top Close
 Block With Bracket
Block With Bracket


On the last page we'll cover installation and performance.