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Product(s): OCZ Vendetta CPU Cooler
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OCZ is pretty well known in the Memory market, but like most computer companies they have also branched out into other markets, and today we are going to take a look at one of their cooling products, the OCZ Vendetta.

This cooler looks similar to other coolers on the market that use the heatpipe design, but has a few differences, mainly that the heatpipes on the bottom of the base make direct contact to the CPU. This is a different approach, and will be interesting to see how this impacts performance.


First Impressions:

Right out the box you immediately notice that this looks similar to other heatpipe coolers available from other companies, but it also has some unique differences. One difference is that the fins are in a bit of a "V" shape and not flat like most others, also I noticed that the fins are pretty sturdy compared to others I have tested in the past, with most coolers the fins are very easily bent, but on the OCZ Vendetta they are very sturdy and you aren't going to accidentally bend them.

Also the heatpipes make direct contact with the CPU, unlike most that have a solid base with the heatpipes in the middle. This could help increase the performance, and I was very interested to see by how much if any the temperatures would be affected.


box-front .jpg
OCZ Vendetta - Box Front
box-back .jpg
OCZ Vendetta - Box Back


front-view .jpg 
OCZ Vendetta - Front of Cooler
back .jpg 
OCZ Vendetta - Back of Cooler


accessories .jpg 
OCZ Vendetta - Accessories
back-view .jpg 
OCZ Vendetta - Back of Cooler


You can see in the pictures above (left) that the OCZ Vendetta comes with brackets for the Intel LGA775 as well as AMD 754/755/939/AM2.


top .jpg 
OCZ Vendetta - Top of Cooler
bottom .jpg 
OCZ Vendetta - Bottom of Cooler


In the above pictures (right) you can see the unique design where the heatpipes actually make contact with the CPU. Most coolers I've ever see have a solid base, so this is something new and will be interesting to see how something like this might impact performance.


mounts .jpg
OCZ Vendetta - LGA775 Mounts Installed