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Ultra m998 Case - Ultra Handy
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Product: Ultra m998 case
Provided by: Ultra Products
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With all the choices out there today computer cases can be a hard thing to buy, especially when you don’t know what you are looking for. Today we have a case from Ultra products – the m998. We will take a closer look to see exactly what this case is made of.

 Box Front
Box Front
Box Back
Box Back


The box the case came in was shorter, longer, and wider than a regular computer case box. My first thought was that it was going to be a huge monstrous thing, very durable, probably made of pure steel, and really heavy. But when I opened the box it was certainly wider and longer but it actually wasn’t very heavy at all. That's probably due to the light material the case is made out of rather than my immense muscles.

The case came wrapped in plastic and at the top and bottom a form of Styrofoam fitted the case to the box perfectly. This styrofoam was stuff that didn’t squeak like regular Styrofoam does. Ah, blessed silence!

 Wrapped Case
Wrapped Case
 Wrapped Case
Wrapped Case



Specifications (Taken from Ultra Products):




Depth: 20.47"

Width: 9.45"

Height: 18.11"

Drive Bay:

4 - 5.25" Bays

5 - Internal 3.5" Bays

2 - External 3.5" Bays


1.5mm High Grade Aluminum

Form Factor:


Micro ATX


Expansion Slots:

7 Standard Slots

Case Fan Mounts:

2 - 120mm Fan Mounts

Case Fans Included:

2 - 120mm Fans


Green - Power

Orange - Hard Drive Access




All panels removable for easy, tool-free access

Stainless steel finished removable Mainboard tray

Includes Ultra’s Power Bar power distribution system

Front eSata/Firewire/USB Audio ports

Interior and Exterior finish

Replace front Firewire/Audio/Microphone/eSata bracket with virtually any PCI slot-type bracket.

Easy access front panel:

2 - USB 2.0

1 - Firewire

1 - Headphone

1 - Microphone

1 - eSATA


 Power Cables - Bundle
Power Cables - Bundle
 Power Cables
Power Cables

 Accessories - Screws
Accessories - Screws


There were quite a number of little accessories included with the case. There were a whole whack load of screws – one bag of regular screws as well as motherboard mounts, two bags of little black screws, and a small bag of power supply screws. Power cables were not in short supply either, as 12 cables of several different types were included. Also in this package came one fire-wire cable, and a motherboard clip for all the input ports on the motherboard. To top it all off, a set of wheels were added. These wheels screw on to the bottom of the case so that the case can move around without having to be picked up.

The instructions were well laid out with pictures for installing stuff, also, a diagram of the wires for the speaker, front side USB ports, LED lights, etc. were displayed.

Detailed Instructions
Detailed Instructions