SteelSeries SP Gaming Surface

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SteelSeries SP Gaming Surface
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Product(s): SteelSeries SP Gaming Surface
Provided By: SteelSeries
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Choosing the right mousepad is one of the toughest decisions, every person you ask had a difference opinion and preference, and undoubtedly if your anything like me you've got a stack of mousepads that you've used over the years.

Today we are going to take a look at the newly released SteelSeries SP Gaming Surface, which is a hard plastic surfaces mousepad that is compatible with both optical and laser mice, and has been developed and fine-tuned with professional gamers to provide a high-quality gaming surface.


First Impressions:

Right out of the packaging, you notice pretty quickly that this is a pretty snazzy looking mousepad, I was pretty impressed with the overall look of it, it's not too flashy, but still has a cool look to it. This mousepad is going to be considered a medium-sized mousepad, it's not as big as some on the market, but it still has a good amount of space, perfect for the user who doesn't have a ton of room on the desk.


I also noticed very quickly that is feels like a pretty high-quality mousepad, before I even used it I was able to tell that it wasn't just another cheap mousepad that only lasts a few months, this mousepad really feels like it's going to last.


SteelSeries SP - Front
SteelSeries SP - Back


As you will be able to see in the below pictures (Right), this is a pretty thin mousepad, its 3mm thick, or approximately the thickness of a two quarters on top of each other.


SteelSeries SP - Logitech MX Laser
SteelSeries SP - Thickness



SteelSeries SP Gaming Surface Specifications

Specifications for SteelSeries SP:

- Material: Textured hard plastic

- Dimensions: - thickness: 320mm*270mm (12,6 x 10,6in) - thickness 3mm (0,1in)

- Size: Medium

- Glide: Smooth

- Compatibility: Optical, ball