Ultra X2 750W Titanium Modular PSU

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Ultra X2 750W Titanium Modular PSU
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Product: Ultra X2 750W ATX - Titanium PSU
Provided By: Ultra Products
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Every company that makes power supplies seems to have several dozen different models on the market at once.  This of course is due in part to different wattage ratings as well as different technologies that go into these different units.  Some companies have a value series, quiet series, and performance series.  Any of these units may or may not be modular and can have several 12v rails, or one large 12v rail.  Ultra Products is no exception.  We've recently looked at a few of their X3 series PSU's that come with a single 12v rail and today we are mixing things up a bit with a look at their latest X2 unit.  This PSU comes with two 12v rails and is supposed to offer stability on one rail if the other rail becomes a bit unstable.

We've once again dropped this unit on our PSU Test Bench to see how it will perform under idle, average and loaded conditions.  We won't be using a multi-meter though as we want more accurate results.  We'll be using a Tektronix Digital Scope for maximum accuracy and reliability.  That being said, let's jump right in.

 X2 Box
X2 Box
Cable Box
Cable Box


The X2 Series packaging looks very similar to the X3 packaging and this is a good thing.  The X2 box looks sharp and flashy without being tacky and will grab the attention of the consumer when it's sitting on a shelf.  Inside the box is another box that holds all the cables, screws, documentation and the power cord.

The main thing that separates the X2 from the X3 is its Dual-Rail Technology.  A brief summary of the main features is shown in the graphic below.

X2 Info

X2 750W Details:

This PSU comes with enough cables for most users, although I found it a bit lacking for my personal taste.  Our main PSU test bench has a pair of 8800GTX graphics cards on it and this PSU only has 2 - PCIe Connectors.  We weren't able to power the cards completely from this PSU and had to employ the Power Partner for a couple of additional PCIe connectors.

Box Of Cables
Box Of Cables

We tried using a couple of Molex to PCIe "Y" Adapters, but these place too much stress on the 12v1 rail and the PSU would shut down as soon as we loaded up the system running 4x Folding @ Home and 3DMark06.  The 12v1 Rail is shared between the 24-pin motherboard connector, PCIe Connector 1, and all Molex, SATA and Floppy connectors.  The 12v2 Rail has to handle the 4-pin and 8-pin auxiliary motherboard cables as well as PCIe Connector 2.

Cable Length

As I've discovered, there are as many connections as the PSU can actually support.  If you had more cables and connections, you would overload the PSU and cause your system to crash.


Below is more information from Ultra regarding the X2.

All New Redesigned 750 Watt X2-Extreme Edition (X2)
Just when the technicians and designers thought they had the perfect power supply in Ultra's legendary laboratories, its crack team of geniuses one-upped their own incredible product. Enter the hard-working power supply with the glossy titanium finish – the X2 750 Watt Power Supply.

Why X2 is Better than Ever
If you’re familiar with the X-Connect (1st Generation) you know that it’s the world’s first completely modular design. That means you only have to connect the cables you need. This leaves your system’s airflow unimpeded by clunky, chunky air stifling cables. The end result? Airflow that cools and protects your precious components. This born-to-be-modded power supply goes several steps beyond its award-winning predecessors. The Ultra 750-watt titanium finish X2-Extreme Eddition features FlexForce technology, which delivers easy cable routing while remaining hidden within your case. FlexForce’s special design allows air to travel 30-percent more effectively than standard cables. This results in a quantum leap in performance. Plus the 750-Watt X2-Extreme Edition dresses its cables in a sleek, titanium UV reactive finish.

Dual Rail Technology for More Stable Power
Specially developed for extreme gaming rigs! This 750-watt X2-Extreme Edition features Dual Rail Technology. The X2's critical 12V power are divided into two separate rails. This distributes cleaner power to your CPU, offering better stability and greater overclocking potential. You’ll get phenomenal system performance with the this 750-watt X2-Extreme Edition!


 Dual Rail

According to Ultra's site the X2 750W PSU breaks down its output as follows:





The 5v and 3.3v rails are under-rated on the spec - and this is a good thing.  In reality the 5v rail should be able to handle 140W solo and the 3.3v rail is capable of 79.2W.  These combine to a total of 219.2W + the actual 600W rating of the 12v rails.  Maximum theoretical output is 841.3W - according to hard math, but this isn't accurate.  We'll see later on that the 12v rails should be rated much lower than 25A, and this PSU cannot actually produce its rated output.

Unlike many other PSU's we've tested, the label on the Ultra X2 750W Titanium PSU matches the information on the site.

 PSU Label
PSU Label


On the next page, we'll take a closer look at the PSU, crack it open for an inside peak and then head on to testing.