Ultra X2 750W Titanium Modular PSU - Full Load Testing and Final Thoughts

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Ultra X2 750W Titanium Modular PSU
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Testing the 750W Titanium PSU
Full Load Testing and Final Thoughts

510W Tests:

We've seen the X2 750W PSU start off kind of shaky with some high ripple and noise values on the 3.3v and 5v lines, but it smoothed out a bit with an average load.  The Dual Rail Technology on both 12v rails has remained solid so far.  These next tests show the power stability at 510W as we put this PSU to the test with our main system.  We were unable to run both 8800GTX cards in SLI from this PSU though as there aren't enough connections and putting "Y" Molex to PCIe adapters on the system caused the 12v1 rail to overload and the system to power off.  Following are the measurements of our test system when running at 3.0GHz on the Q6600 with both graphics cards at stock speeds.  Each PCIe connector was ran to a difference card and the additional power was provided to each card by the Ultra Power Partner.  The system is running four instances of Folding @ Home for team BCC, and is looping a single demo test in 3DMark06.  We are running 3DMark at 1920x1200 at 8x AA and 16x AF in order to stress the graphics.  This heated things up and brought us a nice 510W load.  Power factor under 510W load was 0.70.

-12v at 510w
-12v at 510w
3.3v at 510w
3.3v at 510w


 5v at 510w
5v at 510w
 12v at 510w
12v at 510w


I was very disappointed to find that this PSU can't even power our test system.  While it is a pretty hefty system, it measures a draw of 650W maximum from the wall and PSU specifications are rated as output - not input.  The PSU output should be around 520W and the X2 PSU can't even provide that.  The best we could do was 510W Input - which equates to about 370W output as this PSU is only rated as being 72% efficient.  We could put a few more watts through it, but we couldn't get anywhere near its rated output.


Pictured above, the images show the 3.3v and 5v rails out of spec, while all 12v rails are within acceptable parameters - barely.  The 12v2 rail is flapping around to the tune of 102mV and we've included a video clip showing how active and unstable the 12v lines are.

Performance Summary:

The Ultra X2 750W PSU had some major issues throughout testing.  When I fired up the test system and relaxed with some UT3 gaming, I noticed a perceptible squealing over my JBL Active Noise Canceling headphones.  Upon inspection, I found this sound coming from the PSU with only a draw of 350W according to the Kill-A-Watt.  After several hours of burn in testing this went away, but this is an indicator of poor capacitors or a poor choke coil.  According to a multi-meter, the rails were well within spec at both non-load and full-load tests.  Analyzing the power with the Tektronix scope showed different results.  We constantly saw lots of noise on the 3.3v and 5v lines that actually exceeded the limit of the ATX specifications.  This PSU failed to perform as stated.  Period.

 Mean Voltage



Please consult our PSU Testing Methods guide to better understand how we test the power supply and where we get our information from.  If you have any questions, they will likely be answered in that document.



This is really tough to draw a conclusion on this PSU as we are currently unsure if we have a faulty unit, or if the X2 Titanium is just not that good of a PSU.  While it looks fantastic, has modular connections and is quiet, all of this is like gold plating cattle manure if it can't provide you with a solid running system.  We have contacted Ultra to get another 750W X2 PSU and will update the article or the forum comments section with updated results when we get another unit.  In the meantime, I'd be very cautious about dropping my money on this unit and would in fact stay away - unless you're building a low-end system and want the appeal of a shiny finish on your PSU.



  • Excellent finish - nice and shiny.
  • Completely modular
  • Very quiet 



  • Not enough cables to put a 750W load on this unit
  • Can't provide a 600W load even though it's rated much higher
  • Unstable rails can cause system instability and shutdown

I look forward to following up with an additional PSU to confirm our results.  Testing with a multi-meter though showed this PSU to be fine and that is how many other sites test PSUs.  We stand behind our methods and see that this PSU couldn't even power our system.  It is our first "F" we've awarded a product.
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