LapWorks Attache Laptop Stand - Closer Look and Performance

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LapWorks Attache Laptop Stand
Closer Look and Performance

Closer Look at the Attaché:

The Attaché cools your laptop with the help of a pair of 70mm fans that produce a total of 20cfm - just enough to provide a bit extra cooling to the bottom of your notebook.  While the exhaust side of the fan has a fine mesh screen covering it as pictured above, the bottom intake is quite wide open and will draw in dusty air unrestricted.

 Bottom Low
Bottom Low
Bottom High
Bottom High


The Attaché is height-adjustable and can raise the screen of a 14.1" laptop up 4" above the lowest setting which is about 2" higher than when the laptop sits on your desk.  This raise in height makes it much easier to work with (providing you use an additional keyboard and mouse) as it raises the laptop screen level with your eyes and takes a lot of neck and shoulder strain away from the user.

The Attaché uses a single USB port for power, but in turn provides you with a total of four USB2.0 ports for added connectivity.  All of these ports are easily accessible and increase the amount of high-speed USB connections available to your laptop.  This is a nice added bonus that many desktop users will find handy.

 USB Ports and More
USB Ports and More
 Curved Deck
Curved Deck


The Attaché uses a simple on/off switch to control the fans.  A small bright blue LED sits next to the fan switch and is shines brightly when the USB cable is plugged in.  It would be handy if this would indicate fan power, but instead it indicates a USB connection.  The fans are so quiet that they cannot be heard over the laptop fan itself, so it is difficult to know if the fans are powered on.  If the LED was on the fan-side of the switch it would actually serve a useful purpose.


Don't Lose Your Cool:

To get some baseline temperatures for the laptop we first ran it on our lap doing a couple of instances of Prime95 to get things heated up.  While many may say that this is not a typical situation for a laptop to be ran at 100% load, many people today use their laptops for 3D Modeling and light workstation rendering.  This puts the laptop under huge amounts of stress and things heat up quickly.  CPU and HDD temperatures were recorded with HWMonitor that logs and records the maximum temperature reached.  The full-load was applied for 1 hour and then all applications were closed for 20 minutes to gain an idle temperature.  This load/idle situation was repeated with the computer on a desk and then placed on the Attaché with the fan off, and then finally with the fan on.  The results are displayed below.

Temperature Chart

One interesting thing to note was that the setup was the loudest when used on my (very uncomfortable) lap.  The fan spun up the fastest in this situation in order to keep the thing from busting into flames.  When placed on a desk, the fan didn't speed up quite as fast, but when used on the Attaché, the fan stayed below the speed-up threshold and when the fans were running, it was actually the quietest.


Final Thoughts:

While the Attache' isn't a miracle worker and doesn't provide an insane amount of cooling prowess, it does do a good job when used both actively and passively.  A laptop is made to be used on a lap, but you can see by the temperature chart above that it gets pretty uncomfortable and HDD temperatures get pretty warm.  When used on a desk the laptop runs much cooler, and this is even enhanced by the Attache'.  When moving from a lap to the actively cooled LapWorks unit we see a drop of 11.5C on the CPU when running full load and as much as 14.5C at idle.  HDD Temps take a nice drop as well and we manage to run our toasty little drive 15C cooler as well.

If you've got a 12" - 15" laptop, the Attaché will be a nice addition to your office and will help your neck, back and shoulders feel a little better while at the same time prolonging the life of your little machine.  Heat is a killer when it comes to computers, and the Attaché helps tame the heat a little bit and every little bit helps.


  • Height adjustable up to 4" from lowered height
  • Quiet
  • 4 - Port USB2.0 hub integrated
  • Attractive design


  • Blue LED on even if fan isn't
  • A bit expensive


I'd like to thank LapWorks for firing over this new product on short notice.  While it may not be for everyone, it is comfortably holding up my laptop as it is now connected to a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse.  My neck and shoulders thank them.

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