Edifier E3350 2.1 Multimedia Speakers

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Edifier E3350 2.1 Multimedia Speakers
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Product: Edifier E3350 2.1 Multimedia Speakers
Provided By: Edifier
Price: $99.99CDN Online


While the brain shaking bass of a $500+ set of computer speakers is enjoyable for some, many others don't have the budget or understanding family and neighbors to warrant such a display of audio power.  I've personally had a set of Logitech Z-5500 speakers for a over a year, and while I love these out in my garage, I know I won't be able to use them to their potential when I move my office into the house in the near future.  It's for situations like these that Edifier has released their E3350 2.1 Multimedia Speakers.  These little beauties have a power output of 9w per satellite and 32W for the subwoofer.  While that may not sound like much, please bear in mind that Edifier is one of the companies that offers more realistic ratings and does not cheat on its specifications like many other companies do.


About Edifier:

Edifier Group, founded in Beijing in 1996, is one of China’s first specialized manufacturers of genuine wood enclosure speaker systems. Edifier was also the first speaker manufacturer in China to successfully develop an exclusive international market when it evolved in 1998 into a transnational group company selling into most major world markets.

The Group has about 3,000 employees and more than two million square feet of manufacturing facilities with full product research and development, plastic injection, machining, molding, painting, silk-screen printing, product testing and assembly facilities. The annual output of active speakers is eight million sets.

Edifier Enterprises Canada Inc., the North America head office of Edifier Group, was founded in Vancouver, Canada in 1998, and is mainly responsible for group strategic planning, product research and development, marketing Edifier products for customers in Canada, the United States and Mexico.

Their Mission: 

"All originates from the unrelenting pursuit of high sound quality"

Edifier, well-known multimedia speaker brand, is one of the finest acoustical product manufacturers with a rich and vivid international personality in the World. Edifier always insists on producing the best possible sound and product quality in a given price point. Using only the finest materials available, and real wood enclosures on many of it's systems-- Edifier creates the Art of Sound!


First Look:

We first saw these speakers at CES 2008 and their unique design caught our eye.  They are quite fashionable and are made from plastic - not wood.  This right away will turn off some of the audio purists, but when you consider the price tag of > $100, you have to realize that they aren't made for audiophiles.

 e3350 Box
e3350 Box


These speakers are quite large for a standard 2.1 set and come with an attached volume control for overall speaker volume.  The bass volume is located on the subwoofer itself and once adjusted to the appropriate level should be able to be left alone for most music, movies and gaming.


The E3350 speakers ship with just enough hardware to hook up to your computer or anything else that plugs into a 1/8" stereo jack.  These are very capable of plugging into your iPod, Zune or Sansa MP3 player for a much better experience than a $100 dock.  There is even a quick install guide if you can't figure out how to run the two wires. 

e3350 Bundle
e3350 Bundle


Features & Specifications:

Below is a list of the features and specifications of the E3350s as taken from Edifiers site.


  • Exotic pyramid shaped downward firing subwoofer.
  • 2-Way satellites with soft silk dome tweeters - magnetically shielded.
  • Pro-design 2-way satellite crossover.
  • New anti-resonant composite material satellite enclosures.
  • Separate bass level adjustment on subwoofer.
  • Unique wired controller with red Halo style design power indicator includes headphone jack, and input for MP3, and CD players.


  • Power Output: RMS 32W + 9W x 2 (THD=10%)
  • Signal to Noise Ratio:>=85dBA
  • Distortion:<=0.5% THD
  • Input Impedance: 10K Ohm
  • Input Sensitivity: Satellites---550+/-50mV; Subwoofer---200+/-50mV
  • Frequency Response: 40Hz - 20kHz
  • Bass Unit: 5 inch driver, magnetically shielded, 5Ohm
  • Satellite Unit: 2.75 inch oval shaped driver,4 Ohm and 3/4 inch PV dome tweeter, magnetically shielded, 4Ohm
  • Dimension: Subwoofer --- 248 x199 x 294mm (W X H XD)
                     Satellite --- 96 x 234 x 118mm (W x H x D)
  • Gross Weight: approximately 5 kg
  • Power Input: 100V-240V wide range AC power adapter,18V

On the next page we'll take a closer look at these speakers before we jump into testing them out.