Edifier E3350 2.1 Multimedia Speakers - Testing the E3350s and Final Thoughts

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Edifier E3350 2.1 Multimedia Speakers
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Testing the E3350s and Final Thoughts

Testing the E3350 Speakers:

Unless you have a lot of studio equipment, a sound chamber and a great reference mic, testing a set of speakers is a little subjective.  What sounds good to one person may be fraught with issues to another person.  I'm not an audiophile, but I do like good sound and have invested in a Creative X-Fi Platinum that I use over any on-board solution.  We used the E3350 speakers on both an on-bound audio solution as well as the X-Fi Platinum and even plugged them into an iPod Classic to get a broad idea of how these speakers sound is a multitude of situations.

It is important to set up your computer to work with these speakers.  If you currently have a 5.1 set or are using headphones, you should make sure that your computer is ready and willing to go with a set of 2.1 speakers.  You may have to change some audio settings of if you have a "smart" on-board solution with jack sensing, you should be good to go.  Either way, make sure you have the right audio profile applied.


Game Testing: 

There was a time that I did all my gaming on my main computer hooked to my nice Logitech Z-5500s, but time has changed things and my main workstation is no longer a gaming rig.  Now I do all my personal gaming on a test rig using a set of headphones.  I usually use whatever I've reviewed or what I'm working on, so it has been a nice change to take off the headgear and use a set of speakers again.  I made sure that everything was set up correctly in Windows and in the games and let fly with some UT3, CoD4 and Crysis.

Overall game experience was quite positive.  The little 5" driver in the subwoofer has enough punch to make games sound pretty good and when UT3 calls you a "Rocket Scientist" or "Flak Master" in the nice deep voice of the narrator, it gives you a nice little chill.  Stereo separation is also good and you can clearly hear the direction of the enemy and can anticipate their arrival with a nicely timed shock-combo in the doorway.

Call of Duty 4 is equally enjoyable.  Overall gaming performance of these speakers is very good.  Machine gun fire sounds crisp and throaty and the metallic clank of spent shells hitting the ground is quite satisfying.

e3350 Set

Movie Testing:

I never had a chance to watch many movies with these speakers, but I did make sure I sat down for a bit of quality time to watch Rush Hour 3, and Resident Evil: Extinction.  These movies sounded very well on the E3350s and in a small room they are more than adequate for watching movies on your computer by yourself or with some friends.  Some sound effects appear a little muffled though if deep bass is required.  Also the mid-range gets a little muffled at high volume, but overall they work very well for the price.

Music Testing:

Not everyone is a gamer, and many people don't sit down to watch full-length feature films on their computers but almost everyone I know listens to music on their PC.  That is why man invented the hard drive; so that we can hoard, store and listen to thousands of songs.  "Turn Your Lights Down Low" by Bob Marley sounded a bit muddy as this song is heavy with deep bass guitar, and the resonance of "Classical Gas" by Eric Clapton also produced some undesired effects from the speakers trying too hard to reproduce the sound.  If you reached behind the subwoofer and turned the bass down more than normal it helped, but the plastic enclosures are showing a drawback with this type of music.

Music that has a little more punch like "Rawkfist" by Thousand Foot Crutch, "Everything" by Pillar and "I'm So Sick" by Flyleaf sounds pretty good.  While all the music sounds a little muddy at higher volume levels, these are not bad for a $100 set of speakers.  They have as much punch as the Z-5500s and they aren't nearly as clear as the Able Planet NC500SC Headphones, but they are very good for a set of speakers in this price range.  Using our SPL Meter I tested these speakers to determine the level where they start to distort and sound muffled.  These sound pretty good at 90-95dB, however at greater volumes these products a lot of distortion.



The Edifier E3350 2.1 speakers are a decent set of speakers for those on a limited budget who want a set of speakers that sound great at normal volume levels.  The bass has enough punch for a small room and if these are a gift for your teenager, you will want to make sure that their room is not right next to yours.  When I was playing UT3 with these connected to the computer in my detached garage, I was reminded by my wife that the kids were in bed and she could hear them inside.  That's pretty impressive for a $100 set of speakers.



  • Unique, stylish design
  • Smooth, sleek volume control
  • Good audio quality at low - normal volume levels
  • 2-way satellite speakers have excellent mid-high range


  • Single cord with "Y" split for satellite speakers
  • Plastic enclosures cause distortion and resonance issues at higher volume levels

These speakers rate pretty well for the price and that's why they score an 8.8.  They have great sound for the price.  If you've got an extra $150 to spend though, I'd recommend some bigger speakers from Logitech - especially if you have a larger room to fill, or enjoy music that shakes your chest.



I'd like to thank Edifier for sending these speakers our way to review.  It's been nice to get some speakers on the test bench and not be strapped down with a set of headphones all the time.

Please post your thoughts, comments and questions regarding the Edifier E3350 Multimedia Speakers in our forum at the "Comments" link below.