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Product(s): CoolIT PURE CPU Cooler
Provided By: CoolIT

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CoolIT has very quickly gained a reputation for high end, high performance coolers, and like we've seen in the past with a product like the Freezone, they deserve that reputation.

Today we are going to look at one of the newest products from CoolIT, the PURE. The PURE is aimed at a more mid-range market, and with a price tag of ~$130.00, it markets itself very well with the computer enthusiast who wants some higher-end cooling, but doesn't want to dish out a ton of cash.

Let's see how the PURE performs....


First Impressions:

As soon as I opened the box, I was pretty impressed, once again CoolIT has done a very nice job of presentation, and if you have a window in your case, this cooler is going to look pretty nice.

Packaging was also very good; this box can take quite a beating and still keep everything nice and safe.

CoolIT PURE - Box Back
CoolIT PURE - Box Front
CoolIT PURE - Box Side
CoolIT PURE - Inside Box
CoolIT PURE - CPU Block
CoolIT PURE - Mounting Hardware


As you can see in the pictures above, all the bags of accessories are nice and separate, so you're not going to be sorting through a big bag of hardware trying to figure out which pieces you need for your specific hardware.

CoolIT PURE - Pump
CoolIT PURE - Side View

Well that's what the PURE looks like, now onto the specs, installation and testing....