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Blue Energy by fucapo
Ingredients, Testing and More

Product: Blue Energy Performance Tabs (aka. Gum)
Provided By: fucapo
Price: (Not Yet Available in North America)


We received a news release a few weeks prior to LANtabulous 2008 about a new company and their energy products.  They were labeled as "Functional Candy" and naturally, we were interested.  Fucapo sent us enough samples to keep everyone at LANtabulous jacked up, but unfortunately they were late arriving due to Canadian Customs and Immigration.  Better late than never I say and today we bring you a bit of an overview of Blue Energy Sugarfree Performance Tabs by Fucapo.

This isn't really a review; instead it's more of an overview of what to expect and if these performance tabs work on a hardened caffeine user like myself.  A few years ago I gave up counting cups of coffee and started measuring coffee intake in pots.  I drink too much coffee and typically consume one to two pots a day.


About Fucapo:

Fucapo is committed to the development of candy products combining good taste, low calories and additional desired capacities based on natural active ingredients.

We are focused on our customers needs and believe that interactive communication can contribute to the development of good and innovative products designed to support our costumers in many aspects of modern life.

This includes environments like competitive LAN gaming. During major LAN tournaments gamers regularly needs to be able to stay awake and fully focused up to 12 hours a day, several days in a row. This causes many gamers to drink vast amounts of energy drinks.

Our products are designed to offer just that: energy. Lots of it. But the products are smaller and a more convenient alternative, within 15-20 minutes 95% of the caffeine is released from the gum and absorbed by the body. In comparison the absorption time for a standard energy drink is as high as 45 minutes to 60 minutes.


Blue Energy:

We received a few boxes of the Blue Energy and I waited a couple of minutes after receiving it before I tore into it and started "testing".  Keep in mind that this was sent for a LAN to give away as samples and if you want a package of Fucapo's Blue Energy for yourself, make sure you read until the end of this review.

Fucapo Box
Fucapo Box


I'm a hard one to impress with energy drinks and stuff like that as I can handle a few Red Bull, Monster or Hansen's without dilating a pupil.  To see what makes it so good, we'll take a look at the list of ingredients on the next page.