VIZO Luxon Advanced ED External HDD Enclosure - VIZO Luxon - Installation, Testing and Conclusion

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VIZO Luxon Advanced ED External HDD Enclosure
VIZO Luxon - Installation, Testing and Conclusion


Installation was pretty simple, 4 screws to attach the drive to the frame, and Wham-o, your done. The inside casing (pictured below), slides into the metal frame, and with another couple screws, it's all assembled. Installation will take you under 5 minutes, and I can't see any issues you could have.

VIZO Luxon - Inside Casing
VIZO Luxon - Drive Installed

So now we've got it all installed, let's turn it on....

VIZO Luxon - Drive Enclosure (On)
VIZO Luxon - Drive Enclosure (On)

There we go, all installed and ready to go, as you can see in the pictures there is a nice blue light to let you know if your Luxon is powered on.


For the testing of the Luxon, we will be using SiSoft Sandra XIIc, and will be running the HDD benchmarking tool.

I will be testing the transfer rate with the USB connection, and the eSATA connection, so we can compare the two options you have for hooking the Luxon up to your computer.


Test Setup:



Click on Chart for Larger View


Well there we go, not surprising, but eSATA came out on top, and quite literally doubled the performance of USB. If you've got an eSATA connection on your motherboard, you most definitely are going to want to use it, but if you don't, USB performance isn't too shabby at all, and this enclosure performs right up there with any another enclosure I've ever used.

VIZO Luxon - Final Conclusion:

The VIZO Luxon is a very decent choice if your in the market for a new HDD external enclosure. Overall its very solid, is very well built, and performs very well, making it a great choice.

Some people might question its lack of a Firewire connection, but quite honestly for the price it is retailing for, I can't really dock any marks, and thanks to its eSATA connection it's as fast as it can be. As you can see in the testing section, if your motherboard has an eSATA connection you'd be crazy to use the USB connection instead as the eSATA literally doubled the performance of the drive.

The Luxon is passively cooled, and does not have a fan built-in, which in my testing never caused any issues, but over time with a hot hard drive, some people might not be very comfortable with no active cooling. The Hitachi 7k1000 1TB drive I used in testing is a pretty warm running drive, and made the entire case quite warm, and running it at high temperatures possibly could possibly reduce the life-span of a drive. I think the lack of a fan is really the biggest drawback of the Luxon by far, and I probably personally wouldn't run a drive that runs as hot as the Hitachi 7K1000 in it for an extended period of time. If you need a enclosure that is completely silent though, you will appreciate the lack of a fan, so really no fan could be considered a pro by some, and a con by others.

At the end of the day, I can easily recommend the Luxon; it performs great and is a solidly built enclosure. If you want a enclosure that is completely silent and performs very well, the Luxon from VIZO deserves your consideration.



  • Easy Installation
  • eSATA and USB Connections
  • Competitive Price



  • No Fan for Cooling



I'd like to thank VIZO for sending us the Luxon If you have any questions, comments, or general feedback, please leave it at the "Comments" link below.