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Product(s): Noctua NH-U9B CPU Cooler
Provided By: Noctua

Price: $49.99CAD Online


A while back I took a look at the NH-U12P CPU Cooler from Noctua (Reviewed Here), and quite frankly it really surprised me with its performance and when compared to all the other air-coolers I've looked at in the past couple years, it ranks right up there at the top with the best. The Biggest drawback of the NH-U12P is that it is a big heatsink, and if you've got a smaller case it might not fit, and that's where the NH-U9B fits into the picture.

The Noctua NH-U9B cooler looks very similar to the NH-U12P, however instead of the 120mm fan that the NH-U12P features, the NH-U9B used a 90mm fan, and the entire heatsink of the NH-U9B is smaller in size for those cases that can't support a big heatsink like the NH-U12P.

I am very interested to see how the NH-U9B or as I like to call it the "Little Brother" of the NH-U12P cooler can perform, let's get on with the review...


First Impressions:

The entire box of the NH-U9B looks very similar to the NH-U12P, only smaller. Actually the entire everything looks almost exactly like the NH-U12P only smaller, it just looks like everything was shrunk, and in some of the next pictures I've actually taken pictures of them side-by-side, so you'll see exactly what I mean.

Noctua NH-U9B - Box Front
Noctua NH-U9B - Box Back

Noctua NH-U9B - Heatsink
Noctua NH-U9B - Heatsink

Noctua NH-U9B - Heatsink
Noctua NH-U9B - Heatsink

Noctua NH-U9B - Bottom of Heatsink (with mounting brackets installed)
Noctua NH-U9B - Bottom of Heatsink (without mounting brackets installed)


In the next two pictures below you'll see the manual and the accessories that come with the Noctua NH-U9B. As I mentioned in my review of the Noctua NH-U12P (Reviewed Here), you'll see I was very impressed with the accessories and the manual that Noctua provides.

The manual is very well laid out, and actually has separate manuals for the LGA775 and AM2 instructions, not a big deal to some, but it's this attention to detail that quite a few other manufactures neglect.

The accessories are also very well laid out, the LGA775 and AM2 hardware are packaged separately, so you're not going to accidentally lose anything and if you ever need to switch sockets in the future, everything will be safely packed in the box for you. Also a full tube of thermal paste is included in the box (not a 1-2 application tube like some others), as well as a screwdriver. The screwdriver caught me by surprise when I reviewed the NH-U12P, but it's a nice bonus, because if your anything like me you're always misplacing your favorite screwdriver, and it's just another example of Noctua's attention to detail.

Noctua NH-U9B - Manual
Noctua NH-U9B - Accessories

Noctua NH-U9B - Heatsink Fan
Noctua NH-U9B - Accessories

As promised I will also include some pictures of how the Noctua NH-U12P and the new NH-U9B compare to each other. As you can see in the pictures below they are very similar to each other, just two different sizes.

Noctua NH-U9B (Left) - Noctua NH-U12P (Right)
Noctua NH-U9B (Left) - Noctua NH-U12P (Right)

Noctua NH-U9B (Left) - Noctual NH-U12P (Right)