Tuniq Tower 120-LFB CPU Cooler

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Tuniq Tower 120-LFB CPU Cooler
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Product(s): Tuniq Tower 120-LFB
Provided By: Tuniq (Sunbeamtech)

Price: ~$50 Online

First Impressions:


This is the first cooler I've tested from Tuniq, and from the looks of the Tuniq Tower 120, it appears like its going to be a pretty decent performing CPU cooler thanks to its massive size. For those of you not familiar with Tuniq, they are a division of Sunbeamtech, and they offer products like cases and power supplies, and the Tuniq Tower is their only CPU cooler at the moment, although they have two versions of the Tuniq Tower 120 (one with the blue 120mm LED light, and a version without the lights). We will be looking at the Tuniq Tower 120-LFB version today, which is sporting a nice 120mm fan that had blue LED's built-in, let's take a close look at the Tuniq Tower 120:

Tuniq Tower 120-LFB - Box
Tuniq Tower 120-LFB - Side View (Fan Installed

Tuniq Tower 120-LFB - Base (No Fan Installed)
Tuniq Tower 120-LFB - Base (Fan Installed)


As you can see in the picture below (left), the fan is mounted in the middle of the heatsink, which is a bit different. Mounting the fan inside the heatsink is nice because you won't get any stray cables caught in the fan, also it gives the heatsink a nice fanless look.

Tuniq Tower 120-LFB - Top View (No Fan Installed)

Tuniq Tower 120-LFB - Side View (No Fan Installed)

Tuniq Tower 120-LFB - Base (Fan Installed)
Tuniq Tower 120-LFB - Top View (Fan Installed)

In the next pictures you'll see that the fan is controlled manually thanks to a bracket that mounts into a empty bay in the back of your case. This control will let you run that fan anywhere between 1500-2100 RPM, so you've got a bit of room to find a speed that keeps things quiet, yet still provides the best cooling performance.

Tuniq Tower 120-LFB - 120mm Fan
Tuniq Tower 120-LFB - Fan Control

As you can see in the pictures above, the Tuniq Tower 120 is a pretty big cooler, and has a nice aggressive look to it also. Let's move onto the next sections to see how it performs.