Zalman FPS Gun Mouse - Testing and Final Thoughts

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As I played a diverse selection of games (UT3, Oblivion, SupCom) with the mouse, I noticed a few things. One, there was almost no side movement with the mouse, as the sensor is in the front, most of the turning is done by twisting the mouse rather than moving it from side to side. While faster turning speed may be acquired, with this comes a shorter turning space. This may prove to be a problem to those who turn a lot in one direction and not in the other, because constant readjusting will be required to keep the mouse in a central position.

 Mouse Wheel
Mouse Wheel
Hands On
Hands On


Also, while the mouse was designed specifically for FPS games, hence the “FPS” in its name, being the curious kind I decided to play some RTS games and see how they played out. While playing RTS and just using the mouse in general computer work isn't hard, it is a bit strange to use the Gun's buttons rather than regular ones. It simply isn't for practical use. Generally, I tend to use products for what they are made for, and this is no exception. FPS is its game.

This mouse is definitely not for the hardcore gamer. Those who use it will find themselves missing good ol' tradition, but for some people who need a quick advantage over others this product will be a boon to their gameplay.


While this “Gun” isn't something you want to protect yourself with, it certainly can kill pixels. Good accuracy, tracking, and comfort make it an excellent addition to your arsenal. While perhaps not for the extreme gamer, given the right circumstances it can provide a quick boost to gaming skill. It’s also a lot of fun to “shoot” rather than click. Although the price for this mouse may seem a little high, when you consider the amount of thought and innovation that went into it, I would say that it’s fair.



  • Good Tracking/Accuracy
  • Button Customization
  • Quick DPI change
  • Comfortable
  • Fun


  • Not for hardcore gaming
  • Not a big boost to gameplay


 Top Pick
I'd like to thank ZalmanUSA for sending up this mouse for us to review.  Please make sure you post your comments in the forum at the "Comments" link below.