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Netflix set-top box Debuts

Netflix has officially debuted its new set-top box, which will allow users to watch any of their 10,000+ catalog of movies on demand. The hardware is selling for $99, and you can choose from a variety of plans starting at $8.99 and up. This is good news if you watch alot of movies, and really makes things easy. It will be interesting to see if this catches on, and how popular it becomes in the future.

Finally living up to its name, Netflix today introduced the Netflix Player by Roku, a small piece of hardware that can play any Netflix titles available for Internet streaming. With a cheap price and Netflix's signature subscription model, the Netflix Player brings a new set of rules to the video distribution table.

Manufactured by Silicon Valley startup Roku, the Netflix Player is about the size of a Mac mini and a bit thicker than an Apple TV. The unit impressively includes a full gamut of outputs, including HDMI, component video, S-video, optical audio, and even good ol' fashioned composite RCA jacks. Netflix doesn't want to leave any viewers in the dust just because they haven't sprung for the latest and greatest. The Netflix Player can get online via Ethernet or Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g, and setup reportedly requires not much more than entering a five-digit code the player gives you into your Netflix account.